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  1. USMC Wrangler

    Video from latest adventure

    See build thread. That’s where I meant to put this. My bad
  2. USMC Wrangler

    Bagpiper plays for stuck Jeep

    As a piper and Jeeper, I’d totally do this! [emoji23]
  3. USMC Wrangler

    Rear axle assembly, the order of things?

    So the rear Ten Factory shafts do not come preassembled, but they do come with all new parts. A buddy of mine has a shop press, so we are going to get that done the first part of next week. I will not have my OE shafts out to refer to so I’ve been hunting the inter webs with very little...
  4. USMC Wrangler

    Need pics of D30 failures, quick!

    I’ve been making plans for a PR44 to replace my D30 in Spider. Some of my plug welds don’t look great even though all but a few months of ownership (since new) have been in the Southwest. I showed my darling wife today how the plug welds are rusted but nothing much else on the front axle while...
  5. USMC Wrangler

    Help me understand track bar position better/slight bump steer?

    I now have a few hundred miles on the 4” lift and am noticing the slightest bit of bump steer at highway speeds. Both axles are within an 1/8” of being centered, I DO NOT have a steering stabilizer, I DO have a flipped draglink which IS NOT parallel to the trackbar and raised trackbar brackets...
  6. USMC Wrangler

    Why do I need adjustable control arms?

    Meant to hit cancel, not create. Sorry
  7. USMC Wrangler

    WTB-Misc Lift Parts

    Looking for the following items to buy if anyone has these taking up space. *(2) Rear adjustable upper control arms, preferably with real Johnny joints. *Front and rear raised track bar brackets or adjustable track bars *Front shocks for a 4” lift *Rear shocks for 2.5-3” lift (running...
  8. USMC Wrangler

    Help me build 4” lift on a tight budget

    No, I don’t want sub-standard garbage, but I think it’s time to get my belly higher. The trails I’m running now are beating the crap out of my undercarriage between the axles. I know taller than 35” tires would help, but I’m stuck with my dirty 30 due to funds. The EVO Protek system is doing its...
  9. USMC Wrangler

    New windshield banner to help my cracks along!

    I last had a WAL banner on my Jeep a few years ago. Not long after installing it I got a big windshield hit. Since replacing it and catching all kinds of stuff with the glass, I told myself I’d get a new banner when this 2-3 year old crack got big enough to replace. It hasn’t grown at all. So...
  10. USMC Wrangler

    Broken OE Tire Carrier, Damn!

    Well, the ticking time bomb that is a 35 hanging on the factory tire carrier and off roading struck today. I spent a few hours exploring some nearby trails with my friend in his YJ. The majority of the trip was uneventful and fun until nearly the end. Mr.Ty helped me setup the spare tire...
  11. USMC Wrangler

    Feeler: JKU hardtop and Harken Hoister $1200

    Edit: I’ve decided to keep it. No longer for sale I haven’t used my hardtop in over a year and a half, could use some cash for Jeep parts, but kinda on the fence about selling it. If it’s an easy sale, I might go for it. My location makes it difficult for buyers, so I’m willing to travel a bit...
  12. USMC Wrangler

    Soft top boot recommendations?

    I’m removing and selling my 3rd row setup which will allow me to fold my soft top as designed. The RH4x4 bar wouldn’t allow this easily so I’d just pull the entire top to go topless. I bought the top used and there wasn’t a boot with it. My brief searches show several options, most of which...
  13. USMC Wrangler

    Complete 3rd Row Seat for JKU

    SOLD SOLD SOLD EDIT: PRICE DROP $450 With all of my kids getting bigger, we no longer need this. That’s the only reason I’m listing for sale. All you will need are nutserts for the brackets and to touch up the paint on the roll bar to your liking. The seat is in very good condition and is...
  14. USMC Wrangler

    315/70r17 Cooper STT Pro’s

    My 35x12.50R17 Nitto Trail Grapplers are down to about 5/32 after about 40,000 miles and 2 1/2ish years. I’m also seeing a lot of small cracks between the lugs as if they are drying out here in AZ. While I like the tire and it’s served me well, it’s hard right now to pay the price for them...
  15. USMC Wrangler

    Unit Bearings -75,000 miles?

    I have about 40,000 miles on 35’s and 4.5” backspaced wheels. I’ve been chasing a flighty steering sensation, not bump related or death wobble, for a couple months now. I’ve already installed ProSteers and an Exodus Jeeps tie rod in the past month and a new drag link is inbound from Ruffstuff...
  16. USMC Wrangler

    Gear swap and programming with SC Flashpaq

    One of the biggest surprises of the day was after the gear swap. I started driving down the road and something didn’t feel right. I tried to manually shift my auto (‘13 JKUS) and nothing changed. I had programmed 4.56 in with my Flashpaq before I drove an inch. I had read of that issue of limp...
  17. USMC Wrangler

    Southeast AZ Snow, again!

    It’s still coming down, even at my house that sits around 4400 ft. [emoji44] I took a quick trip up one of the dirt canyon roads a few minutes ago and plan to return later with a buddy. Next week it’s supposed to be in the 70’s. This storm is kinda cool but I’m ready for the warmer weather...
  18. USMC Wrangler

    Crush sleeve eliminator vs crush sleeve?

    I’m finally getting around to my gear swap. The rear is getting a master rebuild kit and new R&P but my front is the D30 from MybadJK with fairly new 4.56 gears. Because my housing is in better shape, with c-gussets, LCA skids and everything else complete, the gears from the donor axle will go...
  19. USMC Wrangler

    Shout out for Exodus Jeeps!!!

    For those that know, my build is slow and low budget. I have an opportunity to finally get my axles regeared by a friend but he’s moving out of state soon. I reached out to Exodus Jeeps today and they made sure the gears, install kit and ProSteers were ordered, even after the shop was closed...
  20. USMC Wrangler

    Oil filter change issue

    (2013 JKUS 68,300 miles) I was changing my engine oil filter today and the entire center piece (valve?) that goes inside the middle of the filter came loose. The spring at the top is free to just fall out if the filter isn’t installed also. I see there is a Dorman 917-992 Engine Oil Bypass...
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