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  1. catahoula

    JT gladiator Rubicon shocks

    JT gladiator Rubicon shocks. I am looking for some. I'm thinking about trying something out on my WJ. Please let me know. Thank you.
  2. catahoula


    I was just watching this and realized some dude with investors bought Cerro Gordo some months back. He lives alone out there, That must have been the old owner or caretaker in the video. I think recently the old hotel burnt down, but he is still there trying to make a go at it. The hotel was...
  3. catahoula

    Ball joints

    Asking members that have lifted their WJ or ZJ. Did you stay with the stock upper and lower ball joints? If you did replace did you just go with the better grade or an adjustable set? Thanks in advance! Sent from my moto g(7) power using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. catahoula

    4-year old boy gets Christmas wish Sent from my moto g(7) power using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. catahoula

    My WJ Build

    Howdy guys! This is my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 Quadra-Drive. I just thought I would do a simple build of this WJ. I never did one for my JK. I've always like these. I looked all over for a 4.0 and everyone I found was just in sad shape. I came across this one here went and...
  6. catahoula


    Out with the newer, in with the older. Finally sold the JK and found me a clean WJ. I cannot believe how much time it took. Stoked and do not miss the JK.....yet. Sent from my moto g(7) power using WAYALIFE mobile app
  7. catahoula

    Seafoam spray

    I know we got a lot of members on here that have older vehicles. I am curious about the seafoam spray seen some videos and read a lot of reviews and it seems to be a really nice product. Has anybody tried this any pros and cons about it?
  8. catahoula

    Show your ZJ' and WJ's!

    Show your ZJ's and WJ's! Ok not sure if there is a thread. I would like too see all your Grand Cherokee ZJ and WJ's with specs puuuulease! I gotta JK for sale as well. Thanks!
  9. catahoula


    I'm looking at a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ with a 4.0 automatic 242 transfer case. Running drives really good it's got a hundred sixty four thousand miles on it. It does show some fluids leaking underneath which I'm going to get checked out however it just had the valve cover gasket replace...
  10. catahoula

    Bestop trektop NX replace a top fits JK 2007 to 2017 $450. This is new will negotiate shipping
  11. catahoula

    How many miles were on your TJ or LJ when you bought it.

    How many miles were on your TJ or LJ when you bought it. I am really thinking about selling my JK and buying a TJ or LJ. I really have taken a liking to them. I found an 02 TJ, 4.0, 5-speed, soft top, dog hair, Warn winch, Warn bumpers, and about 136,000 on it. They are "asking" $8900. I...
  12. catahoula

    All things Oregon

    Let's show off this state. I would like to see pics of places to see, breweries, trails, etc....
  13. catahoula

    Used EVO corners and lights

    Sold! Sold! Sold! Sold! Thanks Josh! Nice to meet ya and look forward to your build!
  14. catahoula

    2011-2017 JK/JKU lower center dash panel with mesh.

    Like stated above prefer black. Let me know what you want shipped to 81005 pulease!
  15. catahoula

    Aftermarket foreign and domestic parts good and bad

    There has always been a discussion about cheap aftermarket parts from other countries. Some say they buy strictly USA products, I would like to see posts of some of your best finds and even worst foreign and domestic parts you have installed on your jeep. This is personal experience not...
  16. catahoula

    Orca coolers

    Just found some of these. Anyone have one? I know most run ARB, but I can't see spending that much.
  17. catahoula

    Fishbone Offroad

    Is Fishbone still a vendor?
  18. catahoula

    Mahindra Roxor

    I thought someone had posted this could not find. Would any of you buy one?
  19. catahoula

    Rancho 2" springs

    Just found this if anyone was curious. They come in red or black.
  20. catahoula


    ISO used ARB single compressor mount under hood As title states. Looking for mounts for compressor for under hood ARB single CKMA12. Needs to fit a 2007-2011 JK
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