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  1. tjgoff

    Excessive Road Force

    Took the Jeep to the shop yesterday because I picked up a nail. Had the balance the tires because I had a little shake in the right front. They said I had excessive road force. Basically. Tire is balanced but will still shake. They suggested rotating the tire on the shell but I didn’t have time...
  2. tjgoff

    JKU Sport Build

    I’ve had my JKU Sport for about 4 years now and originally was just looking to have a mall crawler. I KNOW! However I started going off-road and now I’d like to get serious. I know enough to be dangerous but I d love to enlist some help in building mine. What should I do first, what’s most...
  3. tjgoff

    Should I Buy It?

    So, I have a 2014 JKU that I’ve done a few modifications to (lift, tires, fenders, bumpers) and it has 53k miles. Today I found a 2008 Rubitrux AEV conversion with 17k Miles (yes, that’s right). It has AEV Bumpers, an AEV lift, Gibson dual exhaust, cold air intake and more. Also, it’s $28.5k...
  4. tjgoff

    Wave From Myrtle Beach

    Hey everyone...wanted to give you a wave from Myrtle Beach, SC! I'm just here to look at Jeeps and learn more about upgrades, trails and other fun stuff!
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