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  1. JT@623

    Dirty life wheels?

    Ordered a set of dirtylife wheels for the TJ apparently they don’t come with valve stems anyone know what diameter stems these wheels take ? Thanks
  2. JT@623

    2001 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner XE

    Just throwing this up here if anyone is looking for a good commuter or work truck I’m selling to help my Jeep addiction two door is on the list . For sale 2001 Nissan Frontier XE Desert Runner $5500 V6 5 Speed Manual 179,314 miles . Truck is in great shape . New tires ,new battery , replaced...
  3. JT@623

    2005 TJ ?

    I may have an opportunity to pick up an 05 TJ Rubi 80k on the miles manual trans it’s pretty clean I know the owner pretty well so maintenance has been done regularly not sure what the lift is maybe rubicon express (not a fan) brand new tires just installed this weekend overall a clean TJ so...
  4. JT@623

    New Grand Cherokee?

    The wife is considering a new ride and was just wondering if anyone had experience with the new Grand Cherokee. Looking at the trailhawk or the overland trim . I’m also intrigued by the 4XE trailhawk as well the $7500 tax credit and the fact she could drive to work for a week on just electric is...
  5. JT@623

    Coilover charging ?

    Since I’ve decided to take the jump down the coilover rabbit hole what are you that have them using to charge them ? Looked at the power tank kit but it’s a bit pricey and not sure when it will be available . Found what seems to be a decent hose and regulator set up on eBay then either buy or...
  6. JT@623

    Metal cloak ?

    So I know that MC lifts and such aren’t real popular around here I was just wondering why ? I’ve ran them with no issues and know others that have had them for years . I’m just asking if it’s a customer service thing or something else . Not trying to start a thread to bash anyone just looking...
  7. JT@623

    Looking for a career ?

    If anyone is looking for a job the company I work for has a ton of openings in North America most in AZ . From entry level to skilled. They do offer great benefits and a bonus program really good 401K . hope this is in the right spot .
  8. JT@623

    Holloween idea

    So I was thinking I’d dress up as an illegal and pretend I jumped the border and got separated from my family and make a quick $450,000
  9. JT@623

    New use for the JK

    Works great as a jungle Jim to keep my grandson busy
  10. JT@623

    JL rear bumper ?

    Asking for a friend who don’t like the interwebs. What are the options for rear bumper delete for the JL and what are you guys doing for license plate mounts ? Pics if you got them . thanks
  11. JT@623

    Two doors

    So thanks to Eddy and the pippi project . Got me to looking at two doors to go along with my JKU . I found this one AZ Jeep just under $26K 2015 74000 miles Rubi manual trans not sure what lift is on it thinking about going to look at it tomorrow. Price still seems a bit high to me what say you ?
  12. JT@623

    Hood louvers ?

    So I’ve been thinking about adding the poison spider hood louvers to the JK to help shed some heat . I’m struggling with cutting big gaping holes in my hood . So just wondering if they are worth it ? With the temps here in AZ I would imagine anything to help shed heat has to help.
  13. JT@623

    Lug torque?

    Anyone know the torque specs for lugs on a PR 60 ? thanks
  14. JT@623

    Trek top

    I have a best top trek top with the fold back Front half with all hardware it’s a couple years old but still looks new $600 . Don’t really want to ship I’m in AZ and could meet up if anyone is interested
  15. JT@623

    Shity start to the weekend

    Hope everyone has a great weekend ours got off to a fucked start .
  16. JT@623

    Rubicon decal ?

    So a friend and just stopped by in a new two door Rubicon. I’ve been going back and forth on putting the decals back on my 2010 I kinda liked the new ones any place to get them other than the dealer ?
  17. JT@623


    Looking to upgrade the winch first on the list is the warn evo 12K . Just been looking at a few Australian made winches carbon,runva,Sherpa, all comparable price wise just wondering if anyone has any experience with any ? I know the Aussies are pretty tough on there stuff and use them a lot but...
  18. JT@623

    Just an FYI for the LT swap

    For those of you with the 6.2 LT from motech make sure you use the A/C Delco oil filter . I just changed my oil and apparently the Amsoil filter is just a little bit bigger around allowing the front drive shaft/U-Joint to poke a hole in it :eek: it will dump 10 quarts of oil really quick :cheesy:
  19. JT@623

    New from AZ

    New to the site been into jeeps and off road over 30 years first Jeep was a 1974 CJ . New to the forum thing us old guys ain’t that tech savvy. Current rig is a 2010 JKUR currently at Motech getting some much needed upgrades should be back on the road soon . See ya out in the hills :thumb:
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