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  1. cozdude

    Free: Dynomax muffler delete pipe

    Dynomax muffler delete pipe, that was graciously given to me by Andy, is available to any active forum member. “Buy” me a beer and you pay for shipping and it’s all yours. Was on my 3.6 JLU
  2. cozdude

    Cab covers

    So summer is here, sort of, in Philly which means top and doors are coming off. On my JK I had a bestop cab cover to keep things dry. Looking for one again for the JLU. Anyone have any opinions on what they have and how they like it. Looking for one that allows me to fold the soft top down and...
  3. cozdude

    JL Regear cost

    Going to regear the JL here shortly to 4.88. Looking to see what the average cost people are spending on their JL for gears and labor. Please don’t include the cost for lockers if you added them. Ruth has a 30/35 combo for comparison. I know the JK used to be closer to 1k but for the JL it...
  4. cozdude

    Rubicon coils and shock

    Anyone have some JKUR coils and shocks laying around they want to get rid of? also looking for a small budget boost pucks with shock extensions. need to rebuild my coilovers so need to be able to drive knuckles while that gets done.
  5. cozdude

    Rigid E series 20” lightbar

    Been thinking of changing up the look of Knuckles a bit. That means getting rid of my light bar and strike force zebra bracket. Buy the lightbar and get the brackets for free. They just need a fresh touch of paint. This E series spot/flood combo god for $750 new now a days, bought this one...
  6. cozdude

    JLU soft top

    Ok so after having my 2 door jk for years we added a JLU last summer. In the few times I have put the top back on it I feel like it isn’t laying right. More than likely it’s just me but wanted to make sure from the 4 door experts. In my opinion it should lay flatter and not look like to much...
  7. cozdude

    Catalytic converter

    Ok so I have a p0420 code for bank 1 efficiency on my 2011 3.8 jk. I haven’t looked at the data to see if the post cat o2 is reading right, but from experience I need a new Y pipe with the cats. Anyone tried any aftermarket brand cats? If so what brand? I’m sure OEM is expensive but probably the...
  8. cozdude

    Steering box

    Stock steering box out of my 2011 2 door. Would be good core to have ported by psc if you want to go hydro assist. Make me an offer that includes shipping. Zip is 19382.
  9. cozdude

    Psc ported box and ram (sold)

    Selling a psc ported Delphi box and 8” ram. Going a different route than ram assist now. These have been sitting for about 2 years now. Got the box 3rd hand and don’t know the condition of the box as it sat before I got it. Rebuild from psc for the box is about $350. Looking for $300 shipped
  10. cozdude

    JL wheels

    Looking for opinions on non-beadlock wheels for the JL. Having a hard time deciding since I keep leaning toward the Robbie Gordon XD231 beadlocks lol. Plan is to run 37’s so prob need about 4.75” backspacing. All pics of what your running are highly welcomed!
  11. cozdude

    The build of Ruthless

    This is going to be a very slow build of Morgan’s Jeep Ruthless so will do my best to update this thread the best I can. Ruth is a 2020 sport s. She has the technology group with CarPlay and the 7” screen, cold weather group, convince group, the LED lighting group, Soft top and auto trans...
  12. cozdude

    Cell phone holder solutions

    Posted on JLWrangler but wanted to post here as well. What’s everyone using for a phone mount in their JL? Looking at all options for Morgan to mount her phone while driving. She would probably prefer to keep it off the windshield for visibility. Thanks for all your solutions in advance!
  13. cozdude

    Mesh shades

    Looking to get a shade for the JLU. On my jk I have the spiderweb jkini and it’s great. For the JL I went and looked at their website, and other vendors, and it’s almost $200 for the front and rear sections from spiderweb. To me that’s a little steep. Has anyone tried any of the other brand...
  14. cozdude

    2 Jeep household!

    Well I got some exciting news! Morgan got her very first Jeep today! Super excited for her! It’s a 2020 sport S. It has the cold weather group, technology group, and the LED lighting group. Plan is to keep it stock till after our wedding this fall then lift and 37’s
  15. cozdude

    Factory head unit

    Selling my factory head unit. Basic unit. No gps or satellite radio. Looking for $100 shipped.
  16. cozdude

    To much stopping power??

    Is that really a thing? Can there be to much stopping power? So long story short I’m in need of a new master cylinder for my JK (Brake fade, pedal drop, etc). So was looking at just getting a new master cylinder off of rock auto or Quadratec. Then I started to think that if my master is leaking...
  17. cozdude

    Rear lower control arms

    Looking for stock rear lower control arms (with bushings in good condition) or fixed stock length arms from rancho etc. asking before I buy new
  18. cozdude

    RIP Jesse Combs

    Just saw and read the she died during an attempt to beat her own land speed record in a jet car.
  19. cozdude

    Track bar recommendations

    Any recommendations on track bars? Bushings in my factory front are shot. Debating going factory again or going to a “cheaper” adjustable one like rancho. At the same time might do the rear as well. Opinions are welcome
  20. cozdude

    Rausch Creek 2/23 pics

    For myself and a few others it has been way to long since we have gotten out to wheel. Schedules conflict, other obligations, and just the distance and time needed to get to the park to see each other. Thankfully though myself, ddays, and sheaffadelic were able to get our rigs out and wheel...
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