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  1. wayoflife

    VIDEO : BIG V8 Power for a Jeep Wrangler JL or Gladiator and NOT from a HEMI

    When it comes to big horse power and torque, the kind that you really want when driving something like a Jeep JT Gladiator outfitted with EVO trailing arms and double throw down system over big whoops, nothing short of a V8 will give it to you. And, while a HEMI swap is the first thing that...
  2. wayoflife

    Project ACCUAIR

    Just before SEMA, I got a call from an old friend of mine who's now the president of the all new ACCUAIR and he asked if I might be willing to take possession of their project Jeep JT Gladiator, for an extended period of time and to test it out. He said that I could use it however I would use...
  3. wayoflife

    What's Your WiFi Password?

    Cindy and I went to visit Motech yesterday, just to say hi and soon after we pulled up, a guy on a nice electric scooter zoomed across the parking lot and pulled in around a big bush sitting on a vacant lot next to them. Apparently, their new neighbor. Anyway, after walking into the shop, we got...
  4. wayoflife


    This evening, I received the following email from a Ronald Martin who was inquiring about the pre-order he placed back on November 24th... To this, I responded with the following along with a screen shot of what is stated on our shopping cart. Apparently, what is stated in CAPS and in BOLD...
  5. wayoflife


    Hey Everyone, I'm happy to announce that the all new ACC BAR is now available for pre-order and should be shipping by the first week of December or sooner. And, as an exclusive offer for WAYALIFE members only, we'll be offering it to you at 15% OFF! To take advantage of the awesome savings...
  6. wayoflife

    ACC BAR : Jeep JL Wrangler / JT Gladiator Overhead Accessory Mount INSTALLATION

    The all new ACC BAR is a compact overhead accessory mount that now allows you to install multiple devices and gadgets in a Jeep JK and JL Wrangler or JT Gladiator. This would include a CB Radio, HAM Radio, GMRS Radio, Race Radio, GPS system, radar detector or just about whatever you want. And...
  7. wayoflife

    VIDEO : TALL to SMALL - ACCUAIR Suspension System Lets You do it All

    Unlike traditional suspension systems that replace your stock coils with a set of taller ones, ACCUAIR uses air springs that can be set and adjusted to anything from stock height to 5.5" of lift and all with just a simple touch of a button. Of course, there really is a lot more to this...
  8. wayoflife

    In & Around the Extraterrestrial Highway

    With all the craziness that was the 2022 SEMA Show behind us, Cindy and I were in desperate need of getting out and doing a little winding down. And as luck would have it, my birthday was coming up and that was enough of an excuse to do just that. Fortunately for us, our good friends Tony and...
  9. wayoflife

    What in the Hell is "Installing SQDF"

    For the very first time EVER, we got message stating "Installing SQDF" on the Infotainment system of our Jeep Wrangler JL 392 Rubicon. I tried doing a quick search and the best I could find is that the acronym stands for "Sequence Quality Data Feed". Whether or not that's true, I have no idea...
  10. wayoflife

    VIDEO : EVO Trailing Arms for a Jeep Gladiator Lets You Bomb Across the Desert

    If bombing across the desert is your idea of off-road fun, you really need a suspension system that can take the abuse of driving hard and fast over rough terrain and soak up the big hits that you're sure to get from taking on whoops. And, it's for this reason that Cindy and I decided to take...
  11. wayoflife

    HOSTILE Black Jeep Gladiator - SEMA 2022

    Here's another Jeep Gladiator that Hostile brought out to the 2022 SEMA Show and as you can see, it came equipped with BA4X4 bumpers, fenders and windshield thing that looked a lot like a FabFours Grumpper thing. #sema2022
  12. wayoflife

    AIR DESIGN Blue Jeep Gladiator - SEMA 2022

    I have to say, I am stunned that there were as many Jeeps running the plastic cladding that Air Designs make at the 2022 SEMA show. Granted, it was only about 3 or 4 of them but that was way more than I would have imagined. I simply cannot understand this stuff. Anyway, here are some pics of a...
  13. wayoflife

    MICKEY THOMPSON 6x6 Jeep Gladiator - SEMA 2022

    I suppose it should be of no surprise that there would be more than one 6x6 Gladiator at the 2022 SEMA Show and this blue one running Baja Pro XS tires and FabForu Grumppered out was featured at the Mickey Thompson display. #sema2022
  14. wayoflife

    QUAKE LED White Jeep JL Wrangler - SEMA 2022

    Quake always brings out a ton of vehicles to SEMA and most are built in a way that's over the top crazy! That said, this white Jeep JL Wrangler was one of the more tame ones at the show. #sema2022
  15. wayoflife

    RUGGED RIDGE Jeep Gladiator w/Tire Carrier - SEMA 2022

    While a lot has changed since Rugged Ridge was acquired by Truck Hero, I was glad to see they are still coming out with some new products and many of which were on display at their SEMA 2022 booth. In addition to new steel tube fenders with DRLs integrated into them, they also had a Baja like...
  16. wayoflife

    HAZARD 4 Jeep Wrangler Headliner Carrying Case & 4Xe Deck - SEMA 2022

    Hazard 4 is a company that's been around for a while and more known for the pouches, carrying cases and firearm bags than Jeep products but at the 2022 SEMA show, they decided to change all that. And, I should note, what they had genuinely intrigued me. Of course, the main product they were...
  17. wayoflife

    THOR'S LIGHTNING Air Up/Air Down System - SEMA 2022

    While there are a few systems like this out on the market now, the Thor's Lightning air down/air up system is a kit that can be had complete with an air compressor and is programmable to stop once all your tires are at the PSI that you set. Because of this, I decided to give them and their...
  18. wayoflife

    APEX CHASSIS Jeep Wrangler Steering Components - SEMA 2022

    When it comes to BEEFY steering components, APEX is a company you should check out. Although they didn't have a Jeep at their booth, they did have a host of components that got me to stop and stare. Here are a few pics of what they offer. #sema2022
  19. wayoflife

    RINSE KIT Portable Water Sprayer System - SEMA 2022

    Clearly, there is no Jeep or any vehicle to be seen on this post but it does show off the various options that are offered by Rinse Kit. A company that makes nifty portable water washing systems. #sema2022
  20. wayoflife

    ROCK JOCK 4X4 Jeep JL Wrangler Parts - SEMA 2022

    Although there's no Jeep to be shown, Rock Jock 4X4 did have a nice frame display at the 2022 SEMA show to help show off their new high steer kit, front track bar and geometry correction brackets. All of this can be seen on our Day 2 video of the show but here are some detailed shots of them...
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