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  1. tjgoff

    VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?

    Praying for you guys. We lost my mother-in-law to Lewy Body dimentia two years ago and are preparing to move my father-in-law, who has Parkinson’s, in to our home in July. He’s having a deep brain stimulator put in in August so hopefully that helps.
  2. tjgoff

    POLL : What Size Tire are You Running on Your Jeep?

    15 since I'm still on stock JK wheels
  3. tjgoff

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s our 3rd annual Thanksgiving Jeep family picture. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. tjgoff

    Excessive Road Force

    Took the Jeep to the shop yesterday because I picked up a nail. Had the balance the tires because I had a little shake in the right front. They said I had excessive road force. Basically. Tire is balanced but will still shake. They suggested rotating the tire on the shell but I didn’t have time...
  5. tjgoff

    Kill it With Fire

    will only cost you $85k Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. tjgoff

    JKU Sport Build

    Which brings us to present day. I’m shifting gears. I have considered trading up to a Rubicon or an already built older JKU but so far haven’t pulled the trigger. I’ve recently been urged by som Wayalifers to just build mine instead of buying it. So...I need some help. What do I have...
  7. tjgoff

    JKU Sport Build

    I did the lift with a couple of buddies at a friend’s garage. This is his “home garage.” Again, it’s all about who you know. Here’s his new toy. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  8. tjgoff

    JKU Sport Build

    Then came time for the lift. A 3 inch Trailmaster spacer lift. Did I mention I’m on a pretty tight budget? And the photo recreation the following year to show how we’ve all grown. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  9. tjgoff

    JKU Sport Build

    Next came new tires. My buddy who runs a Chevy dealership got me 5 Toyo Open Country MTs (34s) for $900! It’s nice to know people. With the fenders and the help of 2 inch spacers these fit fine with no rubbing on stock suspension. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  10. tjgoff

    JKU Sport Build

    Here’s a good view with the family. My wife is a photographer and this picture was supposed to be a joke but it turned out pretty epic. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  11. tjgoff

    JKU Sport Build

    One day I was renting some equipment and the store manager asked me if I was interest in a tire carrier bumper. Wound up buying this Barricade (I think...I always forget) for 250! Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  12. tjgoff

    JKU Sport Build

    Once I changed the flares, I had to go with the new guessed it...Smittybilt. All of this was happening pre WAL and pre knowing what I was doing but I’ve been pretty happy with everything. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  13. tjgoff

    JKU Sport Build

    Added some SRC Fender flares Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  14. tjgoff

    JKU Sport Build

    I’ve had my JKU Sport for about 4 years now and originally was just looking to have a mall crawler. I KNOW! However I started going off-road and now I’d like to get serious. I know enough to be dangerous but I d love to enlist some help in building mine. What should I do first, what’s most...
  15. tjgoff

    Should I Buy It?

    So, I have a 2014 JKU that I’ve done a few modifications to (lift, tires, fenders, bumpers) and it has 53k miles. Today I found a 2008 Rubitrux AEV conversion with 17k Miles (yes, that’s right). It has AEV Bumpers, an AEV lift, Gibson dual exhaust, cold air intake and more. Also, it’s $28.5k...
  16. tjgoff

    Miles.. Everyone's got em, let's see yours!

    2014 jku Here's mine
  17. tjgoff

    Wave From Myrtle Beach

    Hey everyone...wanted to give you a wave from Myrtle Beach, SC! I'm just here to look at Jeeps and learn more about upgrades, trails and other fun stuff!
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