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  1. Arrcherr

    Badlands trip Attica, Indiana Saturday 6/27

    We'll be heading to Badlands off-road park Saturday 6/27. So far it looks like it'll be Veruge144 Arrcherr JKBrick(maybe) Jim Primo82(maybe) WJStudios(maybe) If anyone else is interested it'd be great to see you out there! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using WAYALIFE mobile app
  2. Arrcherr

    Badlands 10/12/2019

    VeruGE 144, Fusion, and myself will be heading to the Badlands in Attica, IN Saturday morning. We plan on being in the parking lot right when they open. It'd be great if we could get a few more jeeps out there. Hopefully some of you can make it. Chris Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using WAYALIFE...
  3. Arrcherr

    Happy birthday JKBrick!!

    Happy birthday Mark, here's to another great year [emoji482] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. Arrcherr

    Badlands, Attica IN 8/31/2019

    VeruGE*144 and I are planning to head out to the Badlands this Saturday for a day trip. We'll be getting there around 9am est. If anyone is interested in joining us let us know so we know to look for you. [emoji112] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. Arrcherr

    Socket sizes

    I'm getting ready to swap out my stock rear shaft today with a new 1350 shaft. I want to verify that I have the right size sockets for removing the old yokes and installing the new yokes on the transfer case and pinion. Can anyone confirm the socket size required for the t-case and pinion nuts...
  6. Arrcherr

    Happy birthday JKBrick

    Happy birthday Mark!!!!
  7. Arrcherr

    Transfer case skid

    Just ordered my aluminum transfer case skid from RockHard! Can't wait to get it installed! Thanks RockHard
  8. Arrcherr

    Torque wrench suggestions

    I need to replace my 1/2" drive torque wrench. I started looking on line and came accross a few brands I was really familiar with. I also came accross a bunch of familiar brands with crappy reviews. Anyone have a suggestion for a torque wrench for under~ $150. Capri was one of the brands I saw...
  9. Arrcherr

    Thinking about a 2017 JKR recon

    I've got a 2012 JKS with about 82k miles on it. It's pretty much stock except for wheels, tires, and a few mall rated dealer adds. I'm happy with it and it's worked well for my needs in the field(accessing remote communication huts in the midwest). I'd really like to get into some more technical...
  10. Arrcherr

    Wave from Chicagoland

    I've been here reading daily for a couple months now and posted a few times, just realized I never said hello. I've really been enjoying myself, you folks are a great group of jeepers with a ton of knowledge and experience!! I look forward to learning from you all. My first 4x4 was a 76 Chevy...
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