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  1. desertrunner

    Ball Joint vs Kingpin vs BJ delete

    Just for apples to apples comparison that a modern ball joint (say dynatrac) and a modern kingpin (Fusion) are similar in strength and therefore the pro of little to no maintenance on a kingpin makes it more desirable? Or is there a pro to the ball joint over the kingpin that makes the...
  2. desertrunner

    Ball Joint vs Kingpin vs BJ delete

    Curious on thoughts and opinions between the 3. Seems most manufacturers have stuck with the ball joint route, where Fusion went Kingpin. Researching the junkyard alxe route the BJ delete seems to a be fairly common thing to do. Just curious about the pros and cons from the people who have used...
  3. desertrunner

    Will 4.75 backspacing clear on Jeep Wrangler with 37's

    had a set of 4.75 back space wheels on my old 08 with 37" KM2s and yeah they rubbed a little a full turn full bump but never had spacers on them and did just fine. my 12 on the other hand it didnt work out so well. my coopers are 37x13.50 and those rubbed a ton with just a little more width, so...
  4. desertrunner

    Rubicon Sway Bar vs EVO NO LIMITS

    or buy the no limits and sell the working motor to offset the cost. 😎 Honestly i like the no limits better than waiting for the computer to lock / unlock. just dont forget to re-connect before getting on the highway (done that a time or two) one downfall of not having a fancy button inside
  5. desertrunner

    12' Gecko Build

    axles was my initial first thought as well until i went in to the shop and Kalen took me for a test ride in his L99 2dr. granted the L99 is a little lower on torque than the L86 but he was anything but easy on the skinny pedal and been running his stock D44s for years with it. I do have the...
  6. desertrunner

    12' Gecko Build

    So while i anxiously await my jeep paying a visit to Motceh im trying to figure out how i want to spend my remaining budget. I have plans for them to just add the PSC pump and reservoir and ported box while everything is all torn apart it seems like a good time as any to just do that. I...
  7. desertrunner

    Aluminum Radiator

    I went through a few on my 5.7 hemi jeep. Unfortunately Mopar option wasn't available to me but I finally went with a C&R. They worked with me for a while to develop a flexible upper mount that allowed a lot more flex than the other aluminum ones available for V8 swaps. I heard somewhere Motech...
  8. desertrunner

    Poppy out of 1st gear

    my dads 08 did that for a while in 1st and reverse. Dealership ended up replacing internals in the trans and hasnt had any issues since
  9. desertrunner

    12' Gecko Build

    It was amazing. Everything I hoped it would be. I definitely would change up our first day stop because day 2 was a pretty long day making it from little sluice to rubicon springs especially not really knowing the trail. But I'm glad we spent 2 days at the springs to have a relax no wheeling day...
  10. desertrunner

    12' Gecko Build

    1 tons are definitely on the to do list but i need to see where the funds land after the conversion is complete. i am going to have some suspension stuff to address especially in the rear because of how short the rear drive shaft will end up on the 2rd with that conversion. So most likely ill...
  11. desertrunner

    12' Gecko Build

    Well making the next big move on the 2dr. Deposit got submitted to motech this week for a 6.2L Lt with the 10L80 trans. Should go under the knife sometime in April. Can't freaking wait
  12. desertrunner

    Rock Slider help

    my dad has a set as well and when we were on the rubicon the steel is just so thin you can see them bow with any sorta weight on them. so needless to say he took a few hits to the body and will probably be replacing them sooner rather than later
  13. desertrunner

    HELP!! 2013 JKU Electrical Issue. What is this??

    i just had the exact same thing pop up on my 12. i was driving a long day of washboard road when it happened. It eventually threw a CEL and when i scanned it it said a few errors with my brake switch stuck or high. Under the steering wheel by the brake pedal there is a big harness i kinda just...
  14. desertrunner

    Replacement key

    would definitely like to know if this works for ya. Having a 2nd key for my 4dr would be nice
  15. desertrunner

    Rubicon trail summer of 2022

    just wanted to throw the latest update out there My dad and I will be starting the trail next monday the 8th from loon lake. We are coming in from Auburn, CA (sacramento side) so probably not a super early start since we have about a 2 hour drive to get there. depending on how the start of the...
  16. desertrunner

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Boulder lakes, near Ketchum, ID. Also our little one's first ride in the 2dr since I put the 3rd seat in
  17. desertrunner

    $3k for a re gear?

    That's what I was thinking. They said 10 hrs or labor so at $150/hour I'm not sure where they get another 1500 for parts on a 30/44
  18. desertrunner

    $3k for a re gear?

    Yeah the 1k per axle seemed par for me. I knew prices are going up but I was a bit surprised by 3k for a 30/44 I just asked him for it I was curious too
  19. desertrunner

    $3k for a re gear?

    My dad is looking at trying to re gear before our rubicon trip and the 4wp in his area (Sacramento CA) quoted him out the door 3k for a 30/44 4.56s I was thinking maybe 1500-2000 but 3k seems real high. Or is that just the going rate for a re gear now a days?
  20. desertrunner

    Tow rigs

    After almost a year I finally got my tow rig set up complete. GMC 2500 and a load trail 20' drive over fender. Leaving Friday for a 6 week road trip should be a good test for the set up! The trailer I had on order took 2 months and came in with 2 days to spare for our trip. I was sweating a bit
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