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  1. gmb425

    Please, lie to me- Tell me I'll be happy with 33s

    I have a 2015 on 3.73. I am running BFG KO2 315x70r17. Not the best but I am glad I went 35s Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  2. gmb425

    Garbage Truck (GRBG TRK)

    Running the coax cable! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  3. gmb425

    Garbage Truck (GRBG TRK)

    Got my plate cover and Firestick for Christmas. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. gmb425

    TUCKED or UNTUCKED : Aftermarket Jeep Products Survey

    Untucked in the back! Tucked in the front! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. gmb425

    Garbage Truck (GRBG TRK)

    I still have a schedule and goal before I can purchase a Hard Core ProRock 60/60 Axle-Set. And until that time, there are very limited funds toward my Garbage Jeep. However, I can always take stuff off my Jeep! Rear fenders gone... just because I wanted to do something. Sent from my iPhone...
  6. gmb425

    Forbes- Avoid purchasing the Jeep Wrangler/Wrangler Unlimited

    Hahhaaa. I love my Jeep so much. Forbes you got it all wrong!!! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  7. gmb425

    Hard Core ProRock 60/60 Axle-Set Question

    I've been saving up and would like to purchase a Hard Core ProRock 60/60 Axle-Set. I have a Rock Krawler 2.5 Stock Mod so basically I have no aftermarket control arms. At this time, I cannot really afford anything except the axle set (and new wheels with the new bolt pattern). OK, on to my...
  8. gmb425

    Jk 3" lift kit

  9. gmb425

    I spy a WAYALIFE Jeep

    Found one in Tucson, Arizona! GRBG TRK
  10. gmb425

    New Evo Mfg pro series hinged gate

    Forgive me if this is already posted but did you guys see this 40 inch tire on the EVO MFG Pro Hinged Gate. What do you think? GRBG TRK
  11. gmb425

    Az group

    Yes! but my Jeep is clean now... GRBG TRK
  12. gmb425

    Dana 30 beefed up or Dana 44.

    I am on a Dana 30 with BFG KO2 315/70r17. The only work I have done on my Dana 30 is C Gussets. I followed the recommendations of members here and very glad I did. I plan to upgrade to Dyantrac ProRock 44/60 or 60s. Anyhow, I am wheeling with what I have... having a great time learning how...
  13. gmb425

    States You Can Rock Without Doors...

    Arizona! GRBG TRK
  14. gmb425

    Rebuilt of a Billet Silver mall crawler

    I need to get a couple of those ejection port covers. I was looking at the ones that say 300 blackout. Love my MK 18. In the middle of converting it to 300 BLK GRBG TRK
  15. gmb425

    Another Jeep Biuld Planning Question: EVO Bolt on Coilover and High Clearance Long Ar

    Just want to get some filament advise on two EVO products. Do these products work together without any issues? Thanks in advanced EVO MFG LONG ARM UPGRADE KIT, USE WITH EVOLEVER, JK/JKU, 2007-2017 PACKAGE – EVO MFG BOLT-ON-COILOVER (FRONT AND REAR)
  16. gmb425

    cause i'm a real man and i stand my ground and have a right to have my own opinion

  17. gmb425

    Should have bought a Jeep

    Thought I add this one. I was driving home and saw this poor guy off the road. Wish he had a jeep so he could just drive right back on the road... GRBG TRK
  18. gmb425

    HELP!!! Illinois Vehicle Laws???!

    I have to move to Illinois. Long story short, one of my family members has cancer. I started researching vehicle modification laws and found some disturbing information. I have a 2.5 Rock Krawler and 35s and now I am worried I cannot even run that after reviewing IL vehicle law. My goal was to...
  19. gmb425

    Expensive bumpers worth it?

    I like my bumper base. It is minimal but light. As for looks, it has grown on me but not the most attractive bumper out there. [emoji110] GRBG TRK
  20. gmb425

    Please help!

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