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  1. Copper Head

    info on driveshifts for our 2006 LJ

    Ok, thank you! I thought I'd ask.
  2. Copper Head

    info on driveshifts for our 2006 LJ

    Hi We are trying to get out to the king of hammers and the axles we order from DynaTrac took a little longer to get them here to Texas so I'm asking if anyone knows the length of the driveshaft we will need to order. I was hoping to get a jump on the driveshafts if possible. I'm being told...
  3. Copper Head

    6.2L Gen V LT Gladiator - Would You be Interested?

    Kim and I just did a Gm swap in our CJ with the SM 465 trans and love the power and torq but for our JL we will leave the Pentastar alone for now. But if asked I would do the LS swap over Mopar every time. with the Texas heat, we have never had a cooling issue with our GM power.
  4. Copper Head

    First Time on the Rubicon with Our Gladiator

    Wow looks like a great time, thanks for all the pics we are looking forward to going soon!
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