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  1. Wardell

    Kill it With Fire

    A camper mod to a JKU, made by a company in France. It's called the "Beevouac." That thing is huge... because who needs departure angles, right?
  2. Wardell

    The Ultimate Holy Jeep Wave!

    Spotted this on facebook...
  3. Wardell

    Jeep Testing Spy Shots

    I noticed this photo gallery posted over at Autoevolution that they claim to be spy shots of the new JL being tested somewhere in the southwestern desert: Honestly, I have my...
  4. Wardell

    Kill it With Fire

    What in the hell is this nonsense! I mean, it's clearly a photoshop, but why would you give them ideas...?
  5. Wardell

    Kill it With Fire

    Just saw this abomination on facebook: I don't know what's worse: the giant scoop that ruined the AEV heat reduction hood, or the stupid grille. Somebody actually managed to make something that looks worse than a neanderthal grille... this thing makes the Jeep look like a Tapir! And...
  6. Wardell


    I just spotted this video on YouTube. Looks like Superchips just announced they are going to make a second, improved version of their Traildash: They have a page up on their website too: A few interesting things I noticed: - It has a larger, 5" touch...
  7. Wardell

    Random Photos

    I'm not quite sure what to make of this... it's called a Mobed. Basically a "roof top" tent for a motorcycle. They say that it's stable to sleep in as long as you have a centre stand, but I dunno. At least it will be hard for anyone to steal your bike in the night if you're on it. Maybe...
  8. Wardell

    Random Photos

    Nice! After riding around in a Jeepney popemobile when he visited the Philippines, I guess he wanted to go full Jeep. I can't say I blame him... I've ridden in a few Jeepneys when I visited Manila... they're a very rough ride on pavement! Incidentally, the first of the white, open topped...
  9. Wardell

    Random Photos

    Can anyone lend me $85,000 USD to buy this piece of awesome on four wheels? Custom built 1984 Jeep Wagoneer with a 500 hp, 6.6L Duramax biodiesel engine, alligator skin...
  10. Wardell

    Random Photos

    I saw this posted on Facebook: If the store had paged me, I'd have politely mentioned to them that the douchebag is double parked and suggest he move instead, even if he wasn't yelling like an idiot. How hard is it to park between the damn lines? Sounds like the police officer was being...
  11. Wardell

    Random Photos

    Here's a pic I found that I thought was really interesting: (Source is U.S. Navy National Museum of Naval Aviation, photo No. 1986.056.001.291) It's a Jeep that the US Navy took with them to Antarctica during Operation Highjump, taken in 1947. Since it's safe to say Jeeps would have made...
  12. Wardell

    Let's all show off our summer style!

    I went topless and doorless on 16 May, though with it dropping down below zero it wasn't the best idea. Way too cold, lol. I'd have waited if it I didn't make plans with a friend to help me put the hard top in storage. Soft top is on now, but I'm waiting for it to be above 20° before I take...
  13. Wardell

    Post your lifts measurements!!

    Here's the pic of how to measure the amount of lift from Eddie's JK FAQ: I don't have a lift kit yet, so I'm curious how some of them compare too. Also, the overall weight of the vehicle will affect how much lift the new coils will add too. A heavy Jeep with steel bumpers, armour, a...
  14. Wardell

    Anyone see this?

    I think this sums it up pretty well...
  15. Wardell

    Canucks Unlimited - Let's see those Canadian Jeeps, eh!

    I think this thread is overdue for a bump... I finally took the top and doors off today: It was good to go for a bit of a drive with it all opened up, even if mother nature was conspiring against me... I think next time I'll wait for warmer weather before I think about doing this again.
  16. Wardell

    2015 rubicon unlimited leather seat issue

    I have a bit of a line starting to form in the leather on my driver's seat too. As long as it doesn't start to crack I'm not worried, but I'm a little more concerned about this: That's on the upper part of the driver's seat, from the belt buckle being sandwiched between the seat and the...
  17. Wardell

    Random Photos

    Oh wow... and I thought it was bad up here. Speaking of, our snow and ice is slowly going away now...
  18. Wardell

    The Official I Hate wayoflife / Eddie Thread

    I just saw that post. Obviously the sleeve didn't help the axle, so I doubt a truss would have made much difference too. And judging by the rust, it was cracked for a while before it finally failed:
  19. Wardell

    Random Photos

    Just saw this polished up Zeon winch on Warn's facebook page: I'm thinking it could look really nice in an aluminium EVO or PS bumper. No idea if they intend to put it into production or anything though. It's probably just a concept.
  20. Wardell

    The Official I Hate wayoflife / Eddie Thread

    I saw this on facebook today... and it reminded me of these guys trying to tell you that you don't know how to winch. Seems like in Australia they do it the same way: ... not that any of us needed any reassurance that you, Mel, or anyone else on the JKX knows what they're doing. I just...
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