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  1. Snboarder113

    DIY: TJ Heated Seats and Cushion Repair

    I’ve been asked a few times from my last Jeep how to do this and this is pretty universal to most seats so now that it’s time to do the new Jeep here we go... Things needed: Heated seat kit- Kit I've used in a few cars and am happy with, Has High and Low function...
  2. Snboarder113

    App struggles

    Anyone else seeing this? Deleted and downloaded app for iOS still seems to be confused. Quote function is changing names to the wrong person ? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  3. Snboarder113

    Project Blue Jeep

    Now that I’ve had this a couple months it might as well get its own thread. It was named Blue Jeep, BJ for short. It wasn’t me but damnit it caught on quick and I have the sense of humor of a preteen so what the hell. 2001 TJ 4.0l 5spd 30/44 3.73 Under 150k Picked this up to replace my...
  4. Snboarder113

    Light adapter harness

    Free + shipping envelope Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. Snboarder113

    WTB: TJ D30 carrier 3.73+

    Sooo I thought I had one. Turns out I have two rear d35s. Need the front to regear to 4.10s anyone have one laying around? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. Snboarder113

    Search function broken?

    Browsing for tires and every time i try to search on either discount tire or discount tire direct by size or by vehicle it keeps giving me error message "Your search for " " returned no results. Try another search, or use one of the links below." Tried two different browsers and different...
  7. Snboarder113

    Anyone else getting this app issue ?

    Repeated time outs on threads, is this an iOS 11 compatibility issue or am I the only one? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  8. Snboarder113

    Out Testing - First 2-Door JL Wrangler Spy Pic

    The gang was out thrashing on some test mules at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Hill Climbs, Donuts in the bowls etc. I may have some video somewhere haven't checked the gopro yet. Heres some pics. and a shameless pic drop from my fun day out
  9. Snboarder113

    Tracking down running issue

    My 97 4.0 is giving me headaches this week. Since the weather got cooler it's been taking a longer cranking time to start instead of 2-3 seconds f cranking it's become 4-6 No big deal, figured it's cold just takes a second. This week it got super cold during a blizzard and when I went to...
  10. Snboarder113

    Average TJ Build

    Project: 'It's just a TJ, keep scrolling' Here's my quick build up of my daily driver. How I bought it Was not okay with the stock light output in any way so first thing it got was a nice set of PIAA plasma ion fog lights It's first real trip through the snowy woods { Pic lost } And...
  11. Snboarder113

    Wave from the mitten

    Hey Everyone! Im Jake from Kalamazoo, MI This is my daily/ toy 97 TJ, had it for a couple years now, ignore the rust- its michigan.... enough talk, onto the pictures! Currently And a Few older ones... No one tell osha I do this.... Whats a picture thread without some trail...
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