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    Clunking noise

    Like squeaking or like metal clanking against its self? Maybe it just needs to swear in but seems off. It may be coming from both sides but seems not on just the driver side read.
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    Clunking noise

    Just got my 16’ JKU back from the shop. There are some things we need to adjust but I’m excited to just have it back and driving it. Getting parts really delayed this build. I ended up pulling in an Evo long arm kit with king shocks. We did dyna 60 axles as well. I love how this Jeep has turned...
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    Billet Silver paint match

    So I just picked up a 16’ JKU Sport S. I have ordered and received my Gen Right bumpers fenders and tire carriers. I would like to paint everything to match the Jeep. Except the tire carrier. I will powdercoat that black. My question is how everyone else might be going about paint matching...
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    Axle widths

    So I’ve been looking at Dynatrac axles and I am getting pretty close to swapping D60s front and rear. I noticed today to get 72.5” axles it was going to be about a $4k upgrade. My plan is a 4.5” lift and run 38x13.50. My question is the wider axles necessary, it’s a lot more for those wide...
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