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Thread: I Got Some Good News Today

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrJ3sser View Post
    I finally got my big break. I interviewed for a job in January and it went really well. So well that I got a second interview. Well I never got a response from the company. Not a yes, a no, or even a fuck you. To my surprise I got a call today and they are offering me a "temp to hire" position. It's is good news for me since I have been working at a Mexican restaurant for 9 years slinging burritos. Now I'm going to be pushing papers and making a constant income. It's not the greatest salary yet, but if I do get hired to the full time position ill get a raise and full benefits.

    So this means my Jeep upgrades are going to be coming in faster! First thing on the list is to 86 the cheap Pro-Comp lift and upgrade to the EVO Enforcer with King 2.5's. I may even be able to make a build thread! I'm pretty stoked!

    Congrats!!!!! It is always good to here someone starting to do better.

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    Congrats! That is great news!

    Don't for get to "pay yourself first".

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    Congrats, that's great news!
    Let the build begin.

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    Thanks, friends! I will definitely be rewarding myself first. My girlfriend said that I should saved money for a house. My response: "Psh. Jeep parts."

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    Congrats on the opportunity, always good to see folks move up!

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