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Thread: Towing a Jeep Wrangler

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    I want to flat tow it. I don't have the cash to purchase a trailer for it.

    For flat towing the tow bar you linked will work, you will need a brake controller on the Explorer and an electric brake device on the Jeep, and tow lights.

    Can someone put a linke to an electric brake device?

    I saw a break controller on amazon here:

    In General, My goal isn't to spend a lot of money on this set up. I'd like to be able to flat tow my Jeep from Maryland up to NJ and Delaware. I would probably use a tow set up 4-8 times a year.

    Again, I'm looking into this so the wife and I can drive together in one car with our newborn and dog, and still let us have 2 vehicles when we hit our destinations.

    Thanks everyone so far for all the good information. Very helpful to me, and hopefully to others.

    =), Doplar
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    That far 4-8 times a year is a lot! Especially using a passenger vehicle to tow it with. I would truly look at a quality bar and brake assist system(shop around and you can get it all used for 1500) to protect the vehicles, but most importantly your family. Go to used RV dealerships, they usually have these things for a good price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZYCASEY View Post
    I tow my jeep all the time. Although flat towing is the easiest way, I trailer mine. My 4 door weighs about 6000lbs and my trailer weighs another 1800. My f150 Eco boost tows it with no problem on a standard hitch. Not sure if you are planing on using a trailer or flat towing, I can't get your links to work on my phone. I see no problem flat towing it but I would think a weight distribution hitch would help with trailer ing it.

    I will tell you that being stuck 250 miles from home with a broken jeep that you cannot flat tow home sucks, that's why I prefer to trailer it

    I tow with my Jeep on a trailer. Saves my tires and if the Jeep brakes down all I've got to do is get it on the trailer and we're on our way

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    Towing a Jeep Wrangler

    Quote Originally Posted by jeff_in_rc View Post
    Doplar, are you going to flat tow the Jeep or trailer it?

    For flat towing the tow bar you linked will work, you will need a brake controller on the Explorer and an electric brake device on the Jeep, and tow
    I'm going to tow my Jeep, it has a lid destroyer from bumper, could I just hook up one of these tow bars to the bumper or would I need the mounting plate?

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