I have a 2013 JKRU and really like the Genright carrier and PSC crusher corners but I have not been able to confirm that they work together. Called Genright and Poison Spyder but neither one could answer my question directly or provide examples or pics. Can I mount the Genright rear tire carrier over PSC (or even Genright) rear corner guards and make it look factory? Also searched the forums and from older posts it appears a couple guys have done it but they did not provide specifics or pics. Just said they had to hack the rear corners to make them fit. But what does hack mean exactly? Don't want a hack job as that term is usually meant.

The Genright carrier uses a replacement hinge on the passenger side that appears to be bigger than the factory hinge so I assume the PSC or Genright corners would have to be trimmed to fit around the Genright replacement hinge. That is no problem as long as it can be done so it looks good. On the driver's side the Genright carrier has a rectangular plate that gets bolted through the Jeep sheetmetal in between the tail light and the tailgate. The Jeep sheetmetal has 2 layers in that area so the Genright kit includes a spacer to span the gap between the layers to prevent crushing them together when the bolts are tightened. But would the corner guard interfere with the installation of the Genright plate or the spacer? It would really help to see close up pics before I buy the parts if anybody has them.