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Thread: What was done to your rig this week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozzy View Post
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    Installed new bumper.

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    Very sharp!

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    I changed an axle shaft. Just so happened to see a fluid of some sort covering the inside of my tire as well as the brake rotor dust shield and assumed I had a leaking seal. And that's what it was.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DaJudge View Post
    Installed a Montana Fab AW4 Override Switch. Now I can have 2nd when I want it!
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    Never heard of that. Tell me what you think after you have tested it out. Might have to get one hot the sons XJ

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    IMG_0953.jpg Molle door panels

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    Quote Originally Posted by ammojustin View Post
    Man, those look sharp. I am in the market and Iím thinking these will be best but I donít wheel really so Iím also thinking those might be overkill. Also considering Rubicon express. But those Foxís look hot

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    Thanks. My stabilizer got beat up a bit so I needed to make that change regardless.

    Suspension is a pretty subjective thing, where what you feel/want is hard to describe without doing allot of testing. I was fortunate to know a guy with the same lift kit (Metalcloak 2.5Ē) with similar tire size. Any variation makes the suspension work itís hard to compare.

    Either way, I spend 75-80% of my time on asphalt. So Iíll jump into some trails after the holidays. If itís far Iím happy with it. Good luck!

    2016 Rubicon - Hard Rock

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