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Thread: KC headlights

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    KC headlights

    Anyone tried the H4 conversion kit for your JK? Just wondering if they are better than stock JK headlights.

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    Eddie did a write up a while back on the IPF H4 conversion and while they are not as good as led they are much better than factory at a fraction of the cost of led headlights. I have run these same lights in the past and were very happy with them.

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    I replaced the OEM headlights in my 2011 with the KC H4 conversion kit, it was plug n play. The low beam provided better lighting in front of the Jeep and the high beam improved also. I been using these headlights since Aug 2013 with no problems. A good, affordable, legal upgrade IMO for normal street driving.

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    I run the Delta housing H4 bulbs with all HID its crazy bright and good focus and cut off im happy with them plus im told LED is illegal in ontario for the fact it wont melt snow off...

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    I replaced the stock headlights in my 2008 JKU last month with the KC H4 headlights. There is a noticeable improvement over the low beams and even more improvement over the high beams. My stock headlight lens were foggy (something the previous owner did to them) so having clear lens makes a difference just in itself. I am happy with them, especially for the cost.

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