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    what? 10 chars

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELBRAVO View Post
    Perhaps you, or we, can come up with a Simple solution. Back in 1979, I was working in aircraft aviation for National Air Lines, when I owned my first Jeep "Renegade (CJ-5 ) and designed my own system with Aircraft Circuit Breakers- activation panel for all systems, including a Security element/ code built in to the bottom Panel I designed, located on the bottom of my front- center- panel.

    Please advise,
    Rocky-AKA- ELBRAVO.

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    Your post is a little confusing, but we already have an advertiser here to handle a switching system, if that's what you're getting at. Please feel free to check out Painless Performance:

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    Wow! Unbelievable! The nerve of some people to try to pimp their product and hide their identity. Did they think they couldn't get caught? And Eddie is a computer dude and knows his shit. I will be looking at painless wiring now. Of course, painless has been around awile anyway. Thanks Eddie for all that you do!

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