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Thread: Different Terrain

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    Different Terrain

    Around where I live there are a few sand pits and I would hate to get stuck in the middle of nowhere... Any suggestions? I was out there today with my still stock, JK running in 4H. I only had a few problems when I tried to go up 2 different sand/grass hill.. Should I be doing something different?

    What about when I venture into the Withalacoochie Forest where its mostly mud/dirt (Im assuming).

    Any tips are helpful, thanks!

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    Be careful in Withalacoochie/Richloam some of the water holes are nastier than they appear. Best thing is go with at least one other rig so you're not stuck out in the middle of nowhere .

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    A few recovery tools I would consider essential for sand include shovel, air compressor/tyre deflator, and maybe some MaxTrax. As far as driving techniques are concerned. Sand and mud = momentum. As soon as you have lost momentum (purposefully moving in the direction you are intending to travel) stop and back out, as the more 'go juice' you give it likely the worse it will get.

    In a pinch you can let standard tyres down to 8-10 psi in sand, which will give the tyre a bigger footprint, something a setof Maxtrax (or whichever company you prefer to use for sand ramps) will make relatively short work of. Also, you should dig your pathway clear where possible to avoid losing momentum as soon as you get out from where you get stuck

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