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Thread: $45k Budget build ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canvas JK View Post
    Funny you ask this question. I did plan out my build and to do what I want to Canvas it will be about $25k

    I would start with a JKUS
    PR60 rear with ARB locker
    PR60 fully loaded with ARB locker
    1350 Driveshafts front and rear
    EVO long arm kit
    EVO draglink Flip
    EVO DTD front
    EVO DTD Rear Lever
    King Bumpstops
    EVO rear Skins
    EVO tire Carrier
    ATX Slabs to match the PR60's
    Nitto Trail Grapplers 37x12.3x17
    Mastercraft Baja RS front seats with heated seats
    OR Fab or Rock Hard Sport cage
    EVO 1/4 pounder with stinger,
    EVO D-ring
    Waren Powerplant
    DIY Relay panel

    I have chose EVO components because they are proven and tested in some of the toughest off-road environments. Since Mel runs the same equipment on EVO1 I can buy off the shelf why not out it on my rig.


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    A JKU is part of the 45k budget

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    Buy a 2007 with high miles for under 15k then do v8 swap and then axles and suspension

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyle521 View Post
    Buy a 2007 with high miles for under 15k then do v8 swap and then axles and suspension
    Way over $45k.

    2012 Dozer JK
    -Dynatrac PR44/Rubicon Rear
    -Nitto 37” Trail Grapplers
    -Rock Krawler 2.5” Lift
    -ATX Slabs
    -Warn VR8
    -EVO Armor/Bumpers

    2012 Billet Silver JKUR
    -EVO DTD front and rear
    -Dynatrac PR60/PR80
    -EVO High Clearance Long Arm
    -Nitto 40” Trail grapplers
    -KMC Machetes
    -JE Reel 1410/1350 Driveshafts
    -Warn CTI 9.5
    -EVO Armor/Bumpers

    1975 DJ5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish JK View Post
    I too was starting to wonder where some of you guys were getting parts cost. Some of these lists are over $45k in raw parts not including taxes, labor and all of the misc little bs.
    OP states if labor was free

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverlanderJK View Post
    Way over $45k.
    If you get a jk for 13 then engine swap for 15. You have about 15k for new front axle and suspension and tires. Depending on what you need for suspension it could be a pretty nice rig for 45k with a v8. If you go pr60 front and rear yes i agree it would be way over but it all depends on the specific plans for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverlanderJK View Post
    Base model sport, bolt on coilovers, Pr44 with ARB's F/R, 37's.
    This! Honestly, there isnt too much you couldnt do with a rig like this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AllAmericanInfidel View Post
    This! Honestly, there isnt too much you couldnt do with a rig like this!
    What exactly do I need to buy for the coilovers? Is there a complete kit from ORE?

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    There's no "complete kit" from ore that is everything you need to go from stock to coilovers and driving, but they can create one for you.

    Bare minimum extras that you'll need in a 4door is front lower control arms and front drive shaft.

    Very recommended extras are drag link flip kit.

    In a 2door you'll need a rear drive shaft as well as rear upper control arms

    The "kit" includes all bracketry for the coilovers, the coilovers themselves, extended brake lines, rear track bar relocation bracket, and bump stop extensions.

    Edit: probably obvious but the added control arms need to be adjustable
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    37" Nitto Trail Grapplers on 17" ATX Slabs, EVO BO Coilovers Front and Rear, GenRight Rear Tire Carrier, RK Front lower Control Arms, Adams 1310 Front DS, LOD Sliders, DynoMax Comp Exhaust, EVO ProTek Skids, Fender Trim, EVO 1/4 Pounder and stinger, Warn 9.5ti, EVO C-Gussets, AEV Procal, Trektop NX

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