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Thread: BlackKnight's Commando Build

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    Some updates, as the snow melts...

    Setup some MOLLE panels for the back of my seats for when I'm heading out Off road...

    And I also did a Drake Fire Extinguisher install...

    Alone (with seat in my normal position)

    Pulling the pin...

    Sitting Normally, one foot on floor, one on Gas

    Without Extinguisher (please don't mind the dirt, still the winter crud in it..)

    With Extinguisher same angle as above

    Seat all the way back, one foot on brake in normal position (Plenty of room)

    Getting in and out will take about two times to get used to it. Making sure to step into the tray, rather than sliding the foot in prevents kicking it. It does not pop up that much, and when behind the wheel, don't even notice it...

    One Note, It took an 18" breaker bar to get the bolts out, Lefty Loose Righty Tightly is the rule (though I was going the wrong way initially), I thought I was going to snap them off trying to get them out.
    BlackKnight -- Commando Green JKU Sport
    Installed: EVO Pro Series Front Bump,
    EVO rear bumper facia and "D" rings, Tow Package, SuperWinch
    Plastidip Grill/Rims,Custom Grill Inserts, Powerstop Drilled and slotted Brakes F/R, Painted Interior Accents
    In progress:

    Upcoming Mods: EVO Boatside sliders

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    I have the same drake fire extinguisher mount but put it on the passenger side. I knew it would drive me crazy on the driver side. Takes up too much room IMO.

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