I own a 2009 JKU Rubicon that I have been using as a daily driver, a weekend off-roader, and a tow vehicle for a 20 travel trailer. Because of all this, I went with a mild lift that includes:
2 JKS JSPEC Springs
JKS JSPEC Front LCAs (fixed length)
JKS front and rear adjustable track bars
Bilstein 5100 shocks
33 Falken Wildpeaks

The travel trailer has now been traded in for a 5th wheel & truck so Im free to start getting a little more aggressive with the suspension and other mods. In fact, Im already planning on replacing the 33 tires with 35 Nittos in the next couple of months. Ive been satisfied with the JKS lift but I know I can do better. Its seems a little firmer than it should be and the wheel travel is limited. Id like to keep my lift under 3.5 but have as much flex as possible since Ill be running the trails up here around the Shaver Lake region pretty regularly, as well as future trips to the Rubicon and Moab eventually. But primarily, this is still a daily driven vehicle that I use to and from work each day.

I could use some advice on how to improve (or replace) my suspension. I either need to save up for a complete kit or purchase pieces individually as funds become available. Im wondering if something like 3 EVO Plushride springs and new, adjustable control arms with Johnny Joints would work? Or is there a better way to go? A simple long or mid arm kit maybe?

Give me some options that would stay under $2k, or closer to $1k ifpossible. Are there any long arm kits that can be done in phases? Can I keep my JKS track bars to reduce the cost?