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I'm originally from Somerset county, up until I joined the Army in 2005. Now im in WA (well currently in Afghanistan) but stationed in WA
Wow, nice! And I thank you for your service as well!

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I hope you have a better experience than I have had with them.... I love the look, but have redone mine three times due to quality issues. It's been a total PITA!

I started with CFLs, went to SMDs, Now have Plasmas in the headlights and the SMDs in the Fogs have some LED failures. The CFLs flickered and eventually went out within two weeks. The SMDs in the headlights had random groupings of LEDs that would go out. (I believe they had cold solder joints as heat seemed to play a part.) The plasmas seem to be working but when I run them I can't get any FM stations to tune in on the radio. (No worried I am usually on SiriusXM). If these go out I'm giving up. I could've got three sets of Truck-Lites by now
This sounds like one hell of an awful situation. I'm sorry to hear you had to go through this as doing the install once was a huge pain. I wish you the best of luck with your current set!