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    Discount Tire/So. Cal.

    First, I've got to say I hope that this is the correct place to put this. I just wanted to say how absolutely thrilled I was when I went to our local Discount Tire for a new set of 37's. I wanted Mickey Thompson MTZ's and wanted them fast. I also was hoping for a good or even great deal. I actually was resigned that they weren't going to be much lower, if at all, to the other places I frequent for tires. I did some research online for the lowest tire cost and printed that out. I went to the Discount Tire shop and talked to the manager. He never even started to argue or dicker the price. He said, "I'll beat that, no problem". Needless to say, I have new shoes on my JK. I wrote a letter to corporate headquarters to show my appreciation. I just wanted to let anyone here know that they are great. I'll never go back to another tire store. I also rarely write reviews or send letters of appreciation regarding great deals or service, mainly because It's rare to find!

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    Yep, i only get my tires at Americas Tire which is part of Discount Tire, when i was having my rub problems i went in there for help and they got me new rims and 35" Nittos right then and there for an awesome price and didn't have to wait long despite having a lot of walk in jobs. Plus the manager explained to me that if i purchased their tire insurance if you will call it that, if im on the trail and pop a tire bring it in no questions asked and they will fix or replace the tire for just the cost of the restock fee which is like $30 bucks. I guess it helps to also explain that the manager that helped me is also a Jeeper

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    Thank you both for your kind words and your support.

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