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Thread: VIDEO : JKX 2020 - Rocotillo Rapids & Habanero Falls New Mexico / PART 1

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    VIDEO : JKX 2020 - Rocotillo Rapids & Habanero Falls New Mexico / PART 1

    For the first time in almost 20 years, Cindy and I did not get to spend the first week of November in Las Vegas, Nevada, like we always do and to cover all the cool new parts, accessories, wheels and tires being made for the Jeep JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator. I am of course talking about the world famous SEMA Show and just like everything else in this crazy dumpster fire of a year, the show got cancelled. Fortunately, not all was lost and all thanks to Nitto as they decided to hold their 10th Annual JK-Experience on that week instead. And, as luck would have it, we were invited to join in on the fun! Presented by KMC Wheels, this awesome adventure would start in Las Cruces, New Mexico and take us all the way to Barstow, California almost 800 miles to the west and loosely following the original route of the very first JK-Experience.

    In this first of a 3 part series, you'll get to see us put our Jeeps to the test in the canyons and mountains surrounding Las Cruces, New Mexico. In fact, our very first day would be a shakedown run up in the Robledo Mountains and in an area known as the Prehistoric Trackways. This is where big rocks and steep ledges can be found on trails such as Rocotillo Rapids and Habanero Falls. We hope you enjoy.

    PARENTAL ADVISORY: Please be advised that there is some minor, un-edited swearing in this video.

    This video was independently filmed, edited and produced by Cindy and Eddie Oh of WAYALIFE. The opinions and actions of the individuals featured are in no way affiliated with or attributable to Nitto Tire, KMC Wheels or any of the sponsors such as EVO Manufacturing, Off Road Evolution, PSC Performance Steering, Synergy, WARN, King Shocks, Currie, Dana Spicer, Cover King, Dave's Smokin BBQ, Pelican or Jeep.

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    Can't wait to watch this later!

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    Sweet. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to checking it out.

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    Awesome video as usual!

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    I like to see what your insides look like, you know as in xrays, cat-scans, MRIs and such.

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    Nice Cindy, show them how it's done! Love the video guys! Cant wait for the next video!

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    I’m looking forward to watching it on a bigger screen than my phone soon...but if there is fucking swearing in it, well I dunno...”

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    What a Crazy first day for a warm up run! It sucked seeing Moby shut down at the beginning, but I guess we all new that was coming. The LT sounds insane in the trail!

    Cant wait for the installment!

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    Shakedown run, lol. That was intense.
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    Thanks for taking us along for the ride if that’s just the shake down run the road ahead ought to be interesting

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