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Thread: Balling on a Budget Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by JK2DR View Post
    I have alloy 15s on mine and had no clearance issues and didnt file anything down
    Ya that's what I thought guess it's just the 15in steel wheels then my bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iRazorback View Post
    Hey everyone! I'm from Fayetteville, Arkansas, I recently purchased a 2013 JKU Freedom Edition (black) and have been saving up ever since to start building towards my dream. I'm a senior graduating this year with a minimum wage job so my build will go fairly slow.

    I've recently decided to go with a Barricade front bumper with built-in LEDs (to unpopular decision) and have been searching long and hard for great deals on the wheels and tires. I decided to go with 18x12 Fuel Hostages and 35" tires. That being said, I don't know if I should go with a budget lift-kit or buy a 3-4" lift kit. I live in a college town with no off-road trails so having an expensive lift kit isn't going to help me. I understand the better the lift the better the ride is but I'm trying to squeak by with spending less than 3,500.

    The question I have are:
    1) Should I go with a budget lift since I won't being doing serious off-roading, and if not then which lift is the best for around 500?
    2) Will 12 wides fit with the 3" - 4" lift without running into problems?
    3) What are the bets tires for the buck? I was think Trail Grapps, BFG MTs, or Terra Grapps

    Thanks for your help! I will be ordering the bumper today and going to post everything I have done so far!

    You really don't want to run 12 inch wide wheels if you plan on doing any wheeling. With a budget build you should stick with 8 or 9 inch wide wheels running 12.5 or 13.5 wide tires.

    Post up some pictures as you make progress!

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    ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1432168927.539347.jpg this is day one when I first got it!

    ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1432168974.508449.jpg quick pic I shot that night, was immediately in love

    ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1432169021.131161.jpg I plasti dipped all 5 wheels that weekend. I'm a huge anti-chrome fan

    ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1432169109.305634.jpg photo I took while in Oklahoma visiting my dad. I really like the reflection of the clouds in the black, looks really nice!

    ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1432169169.181339.jpg the silver was next to go away on the grill, add a WOL windshield decal, 2 WOL cowl stickers, and a antennaX stubby antenna. Doing the small things can change the looks of a JK really fast!

    ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1432169414.917089.jpgImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1432169427.106370.jpg little before and after

    ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1432169451.798725.jpg wheels of choice that will be on hopefully within the next month! Will be sitting on a 4inch rough country lift too!

    My new bumper just came in the mail so I hope to have that installed when family isn't in town! Stay tuned!!
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