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Thread: Let VENGEANCE be Yours - Bidding Starts Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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    Let VENGEANCE be Yours - Bidding Starts Tuesday, December 11, 2012

    Let VENGEANCE be Yours!!

    December 18, 2012 will mark exactly one year to the day when we bought Ken's 2-Door Jeep JK Wrangler from him and began its year long transformation, turning silver into gold and creating the beast known as, VENGEANCE!! The auction for this badass, stretched out 2-door JK is now in progress and you can submit your bid by clicking on the link below:

    For more information about Vengeance, watch the video here:


    Factory Specs:
    2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Sahara

    • 3.8L V6 SMPI Engine
    • 4 Speed Automatic 42RLE Transmission
    • Dark Gray
    • AM/FM CD MP3 Radio
    • Deep Tint Sunscreen Windows
    • Tow Package
    • Soft Top

    Build Specs:
    • Off Road Evolution Front and Rear Stretch
    • EVO Control Arms
    • King Coilover Shocks Front and Rear
    • 37" Nitto Trail Grapplers
    • 17″ ATX Slab Bead Lock Wheels
    • PSC Ram Assist Steering
    • EVO MFG Quarter Pounder w/Stinger Front Bumper
    • EVO MFG Rear Quarter Panel Armor
    • EVO MFG Rocker Guards
    • EVO Pro-lite hood and fenders
    • Dynatrac Pro Rock 44/60 Front Axle
    • Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 Full Float Rear Axle
    • 5.38 Gears
    • Advance Adapters Rubicrawler
    • ARB Lockers
    • JE Reel 1350 Drive Shafts
    • WARN VR8000-s winch (with Spydura synthetic rope)
    • Poison Spyder Cage
    • Dynomax Rock Crawler Exhaust
    • Superchips Flashpaq
    • Rock Krawler HD Automatic Transmission Pan
    • Truck-Lite LED Headlights
    • Custom Gold Paint
    • AIRAID Cold Air Intake
    • Sprint Booster
    • Benchmark Dual Battery Tray & Isolator - Twin Sears Platinum Batteries
    • Misch Arm Rests
    • Daystar Upper Dash Panel
    • MORE Industries Dead Pedal
    • Bestop Quick Release Soft Top Bow Latches
    • Cobra 75WXST CB & 4’ Firestik Antenna on tire carrier mount bracket

    Off Road Events:
    Vengeance is not only a bad ass looking rig, but also a true performer as demonstrated in multiple events throughout the last year including:

    2012 Ultimate Adventure
    2012 JK-Experience
    2012 Hump-n-Bump

    Vengeance was also featured at premier shows including:

    2012 SEMA Show in the Nitto Tire Booth
    2012 Off Road Expo in the Off Road Evolution Booth

    The Background

    Ken Offerbeck was not only one of the very first members of, he was also a senior moderator and a personal good friend of mine. Known best by his screen name, HappyCurmudgeon, Ken still has the hightest post count on the forum second only to me and, has been a tremendous help in making what it is today. For those of you who've been following his "I don't have good news to share" thread, you know that he had been fighting an uphill battle against an agressive form of cancer known as sarcoma and tragically, it's one he ultimately lost. In an effort to help fulfill a dream of his, to provide for his daughter's future long after he was gone, Cindy and I decided to buy his beloved Jeep, build it up, sell it again, invest ALL the money into a college savings account (minus taxes & auction fees) and by virtue of it, help him make his dream a reality.

    Below is a shot of Ken, his daughter Mackenzie and what his mild mannered JK looked like back when we bought it...


    While most everyone here may know that our big white JK is affectionately called "Moby Dick", I think few actually know where that name came from. Fact of the the matter is, it was HappyCurmudgeon who christened it with this befitting name after seeing it all built up and, I think it's only appropriate that we reciprocate.

    On December 27, 2011, we lost our good friend HappyCurmudgeon to a dreadful disease and, while it may have taken away his life, it couldn't take away the man he was, the life he lived and the people he touched. It is because of this that he can now take his revenge on cancer, a disease that tried to crush his family and do so by being able to keep on fighting for them now through the build of this Jeep.
    " the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee."
    -- Moby Dick, (1851) by Herman Melville

    As of that day, we officially named this JK... "VENGEANCE"

    Thanks to the generous help and support from the following manufacturers and vendors, we've been able to transform this 2-Door JK into a badass machine worthy of its name and cause:

    Off Road Evolution - Installation/Labor
    EVO MFG - EVO Pro-lite hood and fenders, EVO front bumper & stinger, EVO front and rear stretch, EVO corner armor, EVO rock sliders
    ATX - Slab Bead Lock Wheels
    PSC - Ram Assist Steering
    Dynomax - Exhaust System
    Poison Spyder - Cage
    WARN - VR8000-s winch (with Spydura synthetic rope)
    Nitto Tire - 37" Trail Grapplers - Limited Shopping Spree
    Superchips - Flashpaq
    Sparco - Seats
    Rock Krawler - HD Automatic Transmission Pan
    Advance Adapters - Rubicrawler
    Hi-Tech Collision - $5,000 paint job
    Dynatrac - ProRock 60 Full Floar Rear Axle & 44/60 Front Axle
    J.E Reel - Front and Rear 1350 Driveshafts
    Truck-Lite - Truck-Lite Headlights

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    What a God send. I've been following this build and have been blessed to see it in person. What a noble cause and I truly pray that this auction will net the most money possible so that you can continue working for Ken's family.

    What a BAD ASS JK. I can't wait to see this auction take off. It's owner will have the pleasure of knowing this purchase will help ensure a secure future for Ken's daughter, AND get one exponentially capable rig.

    God Bless all those involved.

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    I. Love. This. Jeep. And if I win the lotto, it'll be mine...

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    Would love to own an awesome machine like this one! Cancer sucks end of story!

    2012 Dozer JK
    -Dynatrac PR44/Rubicon Rear
    -Nitto 37” Trail Grapplers
    -Rock Krawler 2.5” Lift
    -ATX Slabs
    -Warn VR8
    -EVO Armor/Bumpers

    2012 Billet Silver JKUR
    -EVO DTD front and rear
    -Dynatrac PR60/PR80
    -EVO High Clearance Long Arm
    -Nitto 40” Trail grapplers
    -KMC Machetes
    -JE Reel 1410/1350 Driveshafts
    -Warn CTI 9.5
    -EVO Armor/Bumpers

    1975 DJ5

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    Great build for a great cause. Thanks vendors for all the donations.

    I can't wait to bid on this.

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    Just read through a bunch of the thread that He posted on JK-F as I wasn't a member when he posted it. It is truly sad depressing what cancer can do to a person, a family and a community (online and local). I just wish for the sake of everyone that has lost a loved to this awful disease that someday there will be a cure.

    RIP Ken and long live Vengeance!

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    The transformation of this beutiful beast was amazing to watch! Even though I have not met Ken I pray he rest in Peace and his dream lives on through Vengence!

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    This is a cool thing.
    I hope it does well.
    2007 White JK Rubicon Unlimited

    EVO Long Arm
    EVO Front Coilover System
    Rear EVO Lever System
    w/14" King Coilover Shocks
    Tires: 40x15.5x20 Toyo Open Country MT's,
    20" Spyderlock Beadlock Wheels
    PSC Ram Steering Assist
    Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 Front Axle w/Competition Shafts & CTM U-Joints
    Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 Rear Axle
    Atlas 4 Speed Transfer Case
    Rock Hard Roll Cage
    Warn Dual Force Winch
    EVO Front bumper 1/4lb w/ Stringer
    Lo D Rear Bumper
    My Pictures:

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    I tracked this build on jk forum. Its an awesome build for a great reason. Hoping that those that can, bid well!

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    Reading the story of Ken and his family to following the Vengeance build from start to finish has been a privilege! Many thanks to Eddie and Cindy for sharing this incredible story and everything they do for the WAYALIFE!

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