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Thread: Say Hello to Vengeance - The Curmudgeon's Revenge 2-Door Build Project!!

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    Say Hello to Vengeance - The Curmudgeon's Revenge 2-Door Build Project!!

    As some of you may know, our good friend Ken (HappyCurmudgeon) has been fighting an uphill battle against an agressive form of cancer known as sarcoma and unfortunately, it's been one he's been losing. In a last ditch effort to provide for his daughter's future, Ken decided to sell his beloved Silver 2-Door Sahara and put all the money into a college savings account. After months of being on the market, we decided to buy his JK and take on a challenge that was posed over on to make it into the ultimate 2-Door, and then sell it again with 100% of the proceeds going to he and his family.

    Well, after a visit with Ken and his family and an epic week long drive back to Southern California, we are now ready to make this dream a reality. Say hello to Vengeance - our new and mildly built Jeep JK Wrangler Sahara and soon to be one hell of a BADASS 2-Door...

    Ken had always intended to keep this Jeep forever and had actually done a great job of building it up. Here are specs of what all you are looking at:
    • TeraFlex 3” FlexArm Suspension System
    • RockKrawler 10° Rear Spring Perch Wedges
    • JKS Rear Shock Upper Bar Pin Eliminators
    • Teraflex Adjustable Front & Rear Trackbars
    • TeraFlex Steering Stabilizer
    • Front & Rear Coast 1310 Driveshafts
    • 1.5” Spidertrax Wheel Spacers
    • 33x12.50/R17 Cooper STT Discoverer
    • Sahara 17” Moab Wheels
    • SOLID Rock Crusher Diff Covers
    • Rock Hard 4x4 Skid Plates
    • LōD Rock Sliders
    • Rear (Soundbar Mounted) Grab Handles
    • Misch Arm Rests
    • Daystar Upper Dash Panel
    • MORE Industries Dead Pedal
    • Bestop Quick Release Soft Top Bow Latches
    • Tuffy Security Full Console
    • Tuffy Security Glovebox
    • Tuffy Security Under Seat Security Drawer
    • Tuffy Security Cubby Cover
    • Off Road Evolution Tailgate Table
    • Shrockworks Front Stubby Bumper
    • PureJeep Rear Bumper Tire Carrier
    • MOPAR® Satin Black Tail Lamp Guards
    • Rugged Ridge headlight, Turn Signal Indicator & Running Light Guards
    • Woods Hood Shock & Daystar Hood Wranglers
    • ARB Compressor & Bracket
    • Airaid Cold Air Intake
    • Woods Evaporative Emissions Canister Relocation Kit
    • Woods Hi-Clearance Exhaust kit
    • Flow Stainless Performance Muffler 18x4x9 oval #49266.
    • Sprint Booster
    • Benchmark Dual Battery Tray & Isolator - Twin Sears Platinum Batteries
    • IPF 920H4 Headlights
    • KC 6" Slimline Fogs - 100 watt
    • KC 6" Slimline Driving Lights - 100 watt
    • KC Rally 800 8” Long Range Driving Lights - 130 watt
    • Off Road Only PlateLITE License Plate Light/3rd Brake Light
    • Rock Hard License Plate Spare Tire Relocation Bracket
    • Courtesy light for Passenger foot well
    • Cobra 75WXST CB & 4’ Firestik Antenna on tire carrier mount bracket
    • OR-Fab Rock doors
    • Bestop Trail Cover, AEV Jack Base, Clover Patch Window Roll

    While we will end up keeping some of these mods, it is our hope that within a years time, we will be able to transform this JK into something everyone will want. And, as luck would have it, we already have a host of great companies ready to help us out:

    Off Road Evolution - Installation/Labor
    EVO MFG - EVO hood, EVO front bumper, EVO stretch
    ATX - Slab Bead Lock Wheels
    PSC - Ram Assist Steering
    Dynomax - Exhaust System
    Poison Spyder - Cage
    WARN - VR8000-s winch (with Spydura synthetic rope)
    Nitto Tire - 37" Trail Grapplers - Limited Shopping Spree
    Superchips - Flashpaq
    Sparco - Seats
    Rock Krawler - HD Automatic Transmission Pan
    Advance Adapters - Rubicrawler
    Hi-Tech Collision - $5,000 paint job
    J.E. Reel - Front and Rear 1350 Driveshafts
    Truck-Lite - Truck-Lite Headlights
    Dynatrac - ProRock 60 Full Floar Rear Axle & 44/60 Front Axle


    While most everyone here may know that our big white JK is affectionately called "Moby Dick", I think few actually know where that name came from. Fact of the the matter is, it was HappyCurmudgeon who christened it with this befitting name after seeing it all built up and, I think it's only appropriate that we reciprocate.

    Yesterday, we lost our good friend HappyCurmudgeon to a dreadful disease and, while it may have taken away his life, it couldn't take away the man he was, the life he lived and the people he touched. It is because of this that he can now take his revenge on cancer, a disease that tried to crush his family and do so by being able to keep on fighting for them now through the build of this Jeep.

    " the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee."
    — Moby Dick, (1851) by Herman Melville

    As of today, we have officially named this JK... "VENGEANCE!"

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    looks great ! can't wait to see the transformation. my thought's and prayer's to happy!

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    Nice, he would be proud of it. I'm sure of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisB View Post
    Nice, he would be proud of it. I'm sure of it.

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    This was an absolutely incredible gesture of kindness on so many levels. Ken was so deserving of this and it just sucks that he will not get to enjoy this awesome build up of a JK. That jeep is going to have such a great spirit and personality. the best possible way!!
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    EVO Front Double Throw Down
    EVO Lever Rear w/Double Throw Down
    Dynatrac Pro Rock 60's f/r
    PSC hydraulic ram assist
    Mastercraft Baja RS seats
    J.E. Reel 1350 drive shafts
    ATX Slab wheels
    40" Nitto Mud Grapplers

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    So when does all the official building start? I can't wait to see this thing get going.

    It's a shame for the reason of the build but sometimes it's things like this that help people see the light in dark times.
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    for now, we're waiting on parts to come in and so we've just started going through and cleaning it up. abeing from new york, it had some rust starting here and their and so we're addressing them as well. hopefully within the next couple of weeks, we'll get going on some real mods.

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    Very nice seats.

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    Vengeance Stripped Down!

    With the weather being so nice, we thought it was finally time to strip Vengeance down and let him enjoy the SoCal sun naked for the very first time

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