Hey guys,

I haven't posted in a while and sadly my 2013 is still pretty much stock aside from a few recovery upgrades. Before putting in a few upgrades this summer, I'd like to get a few kinks figured out and I'm looking for some input.

First off, I want to get rid of a mysterious engine rattle. At first I thought this was caused by the idler puller, but a replacement did not fix anything. The rattle appeared on my 2013 Jeep JK over the course of a few months. The rattle only appears at idle, after the Jeep gets to operating temperature. The sound then dissipates after 1.5k RPM, and is not present when first starting up. My next hunch may be an alternator if somehow the bushing had gotten tired in the last 70k KMs but any suggestions are appreciated! Here's some audio:


Next up we got a clunking shake when hitting small potholes and most noticeable when turning. Shocks seems to be okay, suspension arms seem tight, sway bar bushing appear to be in good shape, steering stabilizer or tie rods?

Looking for any advice I can get. Cheers!