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Thread: Other jeeps vehicles parking next to your JK often?

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    Other jeeps vehicles parking next to your JK often?

    What do yall think are other jeeps vehicles still family too?
    Seems to happen a lot like when I like to park next to wranglers I guess it's a jeep thing

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    They are all Jeeps. But it really is in how you use it. We just got the wife a Cherokee Trailhawk and we have every intention of getting it into the dirt. I wave at all Wranglers, regardless of how modded it is or who is driving. I even wave at any old Cherokee that looks like they wheel it. I had to explain the Jeep wave to a new Wrangler driver the other day. I passed her and waved; she had a very confused look on her face. In a few minutes she saw me in a parking lot and stopped to ask if we knew each other. I said all Wrangler owners are friends and we wave when we see one another. She had a big smile on her face when she drove away.

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