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Thread: Hurricane chasers

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    We could use all that water our west. Stay safe everyone.

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    So, driving around yesterday after picking up more bottled water, saw this huge rig. Based out of New Orleans LA, this rig helps out with disaster relief. Duracell has 4 vehicles like this across the US and help people stay connected after natural disasters. They had something like 30 charging stations, Satellite phones, a mobile computer station and free wifi within 50 feet of the vehicle. They were also giving out Duracell batteries to those who needed them for flashlights, etc. Pretty cool thing to do if you ask me.

    In addition to Duracell helping out with the disaster relief, Anheiser Busch was also here giving out canned water, WalMart was giving out bottled water and Krispy Kream was giving free donuts to disaster relief workers. Although the situation sucks, it's very cool to see a community pull together and to see some companies step up and go the extra mile to help!
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    That is awesome! Glad to hear that the good in people is comming out.
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    That truck is awesome like MrTy said good to see community come together helping each other out
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