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Thread: Code Scanner/programmer-What do you carry with you?

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    Code Scanner/programmer-What do you carry with you?

    I know there are a ton of programmers out there for our JK's. I have run a Flashpaq, TrailDash and the TrailDash was my favorite. Those were on my 08 JKUR. Now I have an AEV ProCal for my 15. It does just fine. In fact I'm sure it will do everything that I want it to do and then some.

    This weekend while at Winter4x4Jamboree, I bent my draglink pretty good getting out of a hairy crack. I am lucky I didn't get some red stripes from the rocks on my drivers side from that hairy crack. I adjusted my steering wheel to compensate to get the light off but I still had the lights on.

    On my 08, when I had an ECM module going out (while I was on the trail), to get home I had to keep clearing the codes that were putting me in limp mode. Thank goodness I carried my Flashpaq with me so I could drive faster than 2 miles an hour. They are lifesavers when you need them.

    Any one run anything different? I know Snap-on makes a good one. You can actually see the steering wheel come right back to center.

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    Code Scanner/programmer-What do you carry with you?

    I run a pro cal for my tires and have a cheap Bluetooth OBD 2 scanner hooked up to my old android phone with the app "torque" on it will read and clear codes no problem can also use it to see real time stats as well. Won't do something like show you your steering wheel going back to center but it works for my needs

    Haven't needed to use it on the JK yet but I have used it plenty of times to diagnose and. Clear codes for other family members
    '14 JK Sport Anvil 6-Spd 3.73 gearing
    -Rubicon Express 2.5" lift with monotube shocks
    - Cobra Cb 18 WX STII
    - 285/70/17 Duratracs
    - 1.5" G2 Wheel Spacers
    - Rigid Dually Spots
    - Poison Spyder A-Pillar Mounts
    -RC 2.5" swaybar disco's

    Awaiting Install:

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    I just ordered a Jet AccuSpeed. It is strictly a speedo calibrator. Early model WJs didn't have much available otherwise to change parameters for a decent price. Hasn't arrived yet though.
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    I have an Innova 3100ABS that I use for codes. Only thing I wish it had was a live data feed, not just freeze frame. It'll go back in my truck once I grab a Flashpaq for the Jeep.

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    I just use my flashpaq, I would like to get something simple that will show real time wheel to center, would be great to have something with bluetooth so I can just use my phone while I'm adjusting

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