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Thread: Cheap & Easy HiLift Mounts.

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    Cheap & Easy HiLift Mounts.

    Cheap & Easy HiLift mounts.

    Before we get started let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm married to an amazing women and we have 4 awesome kids. I'm super lucky, my wife loves the outdoors and loves wheeling her jeep. That's right Gents I got me a Jeep girl.

    Okay, I didn't mean to brag. I only bring this up because with kids, bills, and multiple jeeps in the household you have to be creative with your mods. I have found a way to effectively secure your HiLift Jack inside your jeep for less than $10.

    I had purchased a 48" HiLift Jack from an old Club Member. Then did a lot of research on the interweb, looking for locations to mount it. Ultimately decided on mounting it inside the jeep to keep it out of the elements. After seeing the cost of mounts exceeding $100 I needed to find another way. I remembered someone on a forum mentioning using exhaust clamps but never elaborated. I knew my mission.

    I went down to my local Autozone and picked up two 2-1/2" exhaust clamps.

    After a test fit in the parking lot I was ready for success! The clamps cost roughly $5 total, spent another $4 on washers and lock nuts.

    It's pretty straightforward really. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking here.

    Passenger side

    Driver side

    There are 2 holes in the base of my high lift that allowed the muffler clamp to basically slide right into place.

    Then the loop at the top of the HiLift allows for the driver side clamp to be secured.

    The 2.5" clamps fit perfectly and when tightened down the jack is rock solid.

    In the end your HiLift is securely mounted, out of elements, and easily accessible. Best part is it will work for most wranglers. YJ, TJ, & JK's for sure. I hope this helps, y'all have fun.
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    Cool mod man. Thanks for posting.

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    Nice work.
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