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Thread: Favorite Trail at Moab?

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    Though it's not technical at all, I enjoy long canyon trail with the wife and kids. ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1458567185.698099.jpg

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    I've only been once and it was for work so unfortunately I did not have my jeep or mountain bike. So I did the next best thing, went on a trail run and ran part of the Moab Rim trail. The hardest part was descending back down. Pretty much had to walk otherwise I was going to have no knees or ankles left at the bottom. Then got to watch some guys hammer there 4 seater RZR up the stair steps.

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    Don't remember if I posted but I would have to say after 3 years of going to moab with my jeep. My new favorite trail is Metal Masher!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaydoc1 View Post
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    It's going to be hard to beat Seven Mile Rim for me. It made my daughter do this after the "Mind Screw" section. My wife was catatonic in the passenger seat and my other daughter was flat on her back thanking God that she lived just off camera. Tough to beat THOSE memories. I'm laughing out loud now remembering it!
    Love it!

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    Ok I have to retract my statement that Strike Ravine is my favorite, it was my favorite. I had been out on Behind the Rocks before and it wasn't nearly as gnarly as it was this time, a lot has been washed out and the shelves are definitely more interesting.

    Behind The Rocks...

    I'll post video later tonight on youtube and link it
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    My 1st time to Moab...Fins & Things, Hell's Revenge, Flat Iron Mesa, Strike Ravine

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