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Thread: 3.6L V6 Thermostat Housing Replacement

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    3.6L V6 Thermostat Housing Replacement

    Very, very helpful write up. I’ve smelled coolant on my 14 since new. Took it to the dealer once and they couldn’t find anything. So I left it alone. My coolant would leak so slow that it was never an issue. The past half a year. It had been leaking way quicker than it ever had. Today when I made a hard stop and turned my vehicle where I made said stop. I smelled a ton of coolant and even saw a bit of smoke (coolant on hot parts). I finally saw a puddle of coolant and saw it come from by the thermostat. Wouldn’t you know it, it had about 6 hairlines that met up in the middle and I guess caused the decent little pool of coolant. Hopefully this has been the leak I’ve been smelling since new. But I also got a check engine light after the t-stat install. So, I might run it a bit tomorrow, and if all seems fine and doesn’t go away on its own. I might just try what the other user did and try to cycle the engine/disconnect the battery to see if it takes the light off.

    (Update): After driving it around a couple of times, and letting it warm up and cool down. The engine light came off on its own. I think this finally resolved my leaking issue. I haven’t smelled coolant like I usually do. Im going to keep my eye on the reservoir to see if it indeed stays full.

    Once again, great write up!
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    3 years after I said I was going to do this, I did it. The original one was a very slight crack, but recently it got a bit worse. Great directions!

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