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Thread: The Building of Compromise

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    The Building of Compromise

    So we got a new Jeep today. This is something we've been discussing for a long time. My wife actually had one when we got married but we sold it to pay some other bills. The debate for getting a JK recently has led us to make a 'Compromise.' Truth is, I have a modification addiction. I've had it with every vehicle I've ever owned. So, if I were to have the JK my way, it would have left the sales lot and had about 100k in parts already waiting in the driveway. Not practical, but I don't think practical. So the more we talked, we have decided to keep the WJ as the modified vehicle and the wife gets the JK for more of a daily driver. And, I got a ProRock axle out of the deal .

    I've put too much time/money into the WJ to get rid of it. I love that thing. My wife will turn this into a simple girly Jeep with pink foo-foo shit, but I'll still have fun building it with her. She probably wont go more than 33s on it and very mild trails. We decided to go with a simple sport so we could have more money for the mods she wants and there really wasn't a reason for us to go with a Rubicon being the way we will use it.

    The Jeep will be named 'Compromise.' I don't know how often I'll keep up on the build thread, as it is her Jeep, but we'll see.


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    Congrats....I look forward to seeing what you do with it!

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    That's awesome! I love the name. I think that is the reasonable thing to do. The blood sweat and beers that has gone into your WJ is worth more than anyone will give you. Looking forward to seeing the Prorock go in!
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    Looks like a nice WJ! Hope your wife enjoys her JK

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    Congrats, nice addition

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    Congrats on the new JK! Even if its a compromise, great addition

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    Sweet new ride.

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    Congrats mate.

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    Awesome and congrats!
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