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Thread: General Grabber A/TX | NOW Available!

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    General Grabber A/TX | NOW Available!

    General Grabber A/TX | The next-generation, aggressive all-terrain tire that provides exceptional off-road capability and durability, balanced with impressive on-road performance.

    General Grabber A/TX
    UTQG: 640 A, B
    Mileage Warranty:
    60,000 Miles (Standard Load)
    50,000 Miles (Light Truck and High Flotation)

    Click here for General Grabber A/TX Availability & Pricing online though Discount Tire Direct.

    Also available in store by special order HERE

    The General Grabber A/TX provides confident all-terrain traction and a comfortable on-road feel. Its features an aggressive tread pattern and alternating shoulder scoops for strong all-terrain grip. It provides all-season traction using its full-depth sipes and is certified for severe winter conditions, as shown by the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol. The General Grabber A/TX features a rugged tread compound and stone bumpers for cut, chipping, and puncture resistance. This off-road tire features Comfort Balance technology for comfortable on-road manners.


    Comfort Balance Technology - An absorption layer under the tread isolates the vehicle from road disturbances for a more comfortabe, pleasant ride.

    Stabilitread Technology - Provides well balanced performance with excellent tread life and cut and chip performance on gravel surfaces.

    Off-Road Features - Traction Notices for additional grip in dirt, snow and all lookse surfaces. Five Row Tread Pattern for high density multi-angle traction edges provide off-road grip in every direction.

    Off-Shoulder Technical Features - Alternating Should Scoopers Allowing for Open & large gripping area for additional grip on rocks. Sidewall Protection Lugs Large are pads that alternate in and out to provide additional side grip for extreme off-roading.


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    Reminds me of the old Armstrong Desert dog which was a pretty good cheap all terrain in its day.

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    Now through August 31st, 2018, save $100.00 back by mail with the purchase of four(4) General Grabber AT/X tires!

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