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Thread: 2018 JL & Wrangler Pickup rendering

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    2018 JL & Wrangler Pickup rendering

    Here are some renderings from Road & Track of the 2018 JL Wrangler and Wrangler pickup truck. What do you think? I like the removable panel setup they have on the pickup, similar to the MySky roof on the Renegade!

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    These are some nice looking renderings. Thanks for sharing.
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    These are niceeeeeeeeeeeee

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    I am looking forward to the pickup and have held off buying another jk for this reason. But I am not fond of those fender lights. Other then that i like the look.

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    Oh yes I like what I'm seeing! I really like the blue jeep looks killer and I like the grill too!

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    I like those alot. Look better than a stock jk for sure. Only thing i find wierd its the c pillar on the JLU, i feel like it might look funny with the doors and top off

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    Hate the C pillar, but in the end they gotta make the changes, can't stop that. Looks pretty damn accurate compared to the rumors and leaks

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    Looks like they are going with the Euro style bumpers.

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    I don't like the wrangler, but I like the truck version

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    What I personally dont like about the current pickup conversions, and this rendering of the truck are the rear doors. They should be squared off instead of chopped like they are going around a tire. For a production vehicle, the rear doors should be different.

    If I ever did convert a 4 door truck, I would want to combine the rear portion of the front doors into the rear door so its squared off and will look much better, and allow for getting in and out of the rear a lot easier.

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