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Thread: Transmission lines 2011 jk

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    Transmission lines 2011 jk

    For those of you contemplating replacing your leaking trans lines, be careful what you recieve from Rock Auto...I bought a full set of lines, supply & return from Rock Auto that were made by Dorman...Upon receiving them, I put them right on,,l went to work and back, 210 miles , had a leak again but not at the crimp between the black hose & aluminum sleeve...both flanges were leaking this time ..2017-01-08 00.06.41.jpg this pic on top are the dorman lines, made in china, take a good look at the flanges that insert into the jumper block, their smaller in length..these must insert far enough to engage the inner rubber grommet inside the receiving flange...they appear much smaller in lenght & are distorted..2017-01-08 00.08.27.jpg in this pic above where the lines are on my frt hood, these are new mopar lines from quadratec...check out the size of these flanges..they are the same size of my original lines I took out first that were leaking at black hose...just food for thought so nobody else has to spend the cashola on a subprime part...the mopar lines are not leaking...I also replaced the jumper block coming off the cooler,,,there was alot of crude inside the trans lines, and for a few bucks more, I thought it was a good idea..those spring c-clips are easily removed with small pics & upon re inserting your lines, You can put the c-clips on first then push the lines in,,,,it was alot easier than trying to put the clips on last...I couldnt find mopar clips but i did find GM trans line clips that are the same just a different color from Autozone...goodluck
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    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Huh. I'm running the Dorman lines too for the last 6 months. Never checked again after week 2. Maybe I should take a look. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Good to know...

    Thanks for the heads up. I checked my cooler lines on my 07 JKU yesterday and, low and behold, noticed one is leaking at the metal fitting where the rubber hose attaches to the hard line. Do you think its easier to replace the whole line vs. cutting the POS connectors off and using hose clamps? Any special tools needed to replace the entire line?
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    On my 2010 I had a leak at the hardline to soft line transition. I order from rock auto a lot so got the dorman lines. Didn't notice at the time the difference after fighting those damn clips.

    Short version is I have run it about 4 month on my DD and no leaks. But just based on the design I would concur best to go with the mopar lines.

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