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    Anyone have experience with the Magellan eXplorist TRX7 GPS?

    I met the designer/developer of this program. Worked with him for about a month and then gave up on it.
    I have the app, yes it is 3D and yes it has a ton of trails. However you have to create an account with Magellan first for anything to work. I used it for the first time in months a few weeks ago, worked great, all the way up to the point that I have always had my issues with it. It won't hold my login data. So I lost my entire trac.
    My personal review of it is this
    Great idea, love the iPad capabilities of it.
    Yes it will guide you, yes it will follow you and shoe bread crumbs.
    I hate how much it kills a battery, it took about 30 minutes to kill my iPhone.
    I hate the login issues I have had, but I have hopes for them. Just wished they would stop erasing all my app data on their updates. That's part of the login issues. Yeh I have to ask them to reset my pass word.
    Love their tech support, they are pretty fast to respond to your needs with regard to resetting your password.

    Love the concept.
    Praying they make it better.

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