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Thread: McKinley Grove Road collapsed!!

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    We were land-locked for 3 days when the 2013 flood occurred and we didn't even live close to water. Within an hour the town was cut into pieces. We are pretty prepared people but we always had an evacuation plan of being able to drive to a certain location. The flood changed that plan.

    Here is Longmont:


    Flooding was worse the 2nd and 3rd day as all the mountain water had to settle lower. We had enough food and water and didn't take water into the house, but it sure woke us up being stranded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ob_tj View Post
    Yeah that was more central but I live in northern California and we have been getting pounded with rain for the last 5 days or so
    I'm in the north Bay Area we have been getting hit hard most of my property is under water and a main road about a mile over from me has been shut down for the last three days

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    Quote Originally Posted by WJCO View Post
    You have an evacuation plan in place in case you have to bail? And stuff packed and ready?
    Oh yeah we've both got bug out bags stocked with clothes, MREs and other needed stuff. And damn that is really bad...

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    McKinley Grove Road collapsed!!

    Crazy stuff. Here a few pictures from two days ago around the central coast. And it hasn't stopped raining yet...



    And of course can't talk about flooding without mentioning my home town flooding in '95. IMG_5058.JPG.

    Drove through there today. The Pajaro River is raging scary close to the way it was in 95.

    Be prepared!
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    How's Reno fairing? According to weather channel they were also expecting major flood waters to hit

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    God I remember when we had flooding here in the south a while back. Entire buildings were totally washed off their foundations. Thankfully I wasn't near the serious flooding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ob_tj View Post
    Yeah the Stanislaus river right behind my house has grown in size like crazy. Starting to pull trees out of the ground.
    I'm out in Knights Ferry and the river is about as high as I've seen it. We're right across the street from the Stanislaus river.

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