This is a really good idea to list reputable dealerships. Unfortunately I am currently living in China, but my dealer here has been great. People in China still don't actively off road but it is becoming a little more popular. Its not too often You see another modified Jeep on the road and even when You do, its probably never been off road.

My dealership in China has been great. He helped me find all my modification parts and installed for me. Certainly its all imported stuff, so I paid an arm and a leg, but have to pay to play here. They also helped me source my BF Goodrich 35" MT which were very hard to find and get here

For some reason the steering box and power steering pump went out on my Jeep here at 20,000 miles. They replaced under warranty no questions asked. The have also just recently replaced my oil pressure sensing unit, again no questions asked and under warranty.

Unfortunately I do not think any other Wayalife members will have used this dealership!! ha ha