Rugged Radios
Basically brand new, mint condition, 4 headsets and intercom hook up. Used these twice in my Jeep for driving without doors and it was amazing how clear you could hear the music and your passengers. Great for any off road vehicle, buggy, sandrail, rock crawler, etc. Mainly used for airplanes or helicopters but can be used for just about anything! Got rid of my half doors so no longer need these.. my loss is your gain because they are in perfect condition.. even will ship in the same box they came in!

1. Intercom with digital speech processor upgrade. Hook up to 6 headsets, include radio plug to play radio via headsets or aux cable to play music off phone. Plays music in back ground and lowers volume of music when someone is talking. Very clear sound. ($400 retail + $200 upgrade)
2. Two 12 foot cables and two 16ft cables to hook up headsets to intercom. ($210 retail)
3. 3 foot stereo 3.5mm plug ($6 retail)
4. THREE Over the head black 2 way headset, goes on both ears ($160 each retail, $480 total)
5. One over the head black 2 way headset M201 mic. Only has one ear so you can legally drive and still hear passengers and outside noises. ($125 retail)
6. FOUR Foam mic muffs for wind noise ($24)

That is over $1400 retail price, asking only $800 cash SHIPPED anywhere in lower 48 states.