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Thread: JL pickup spotted!

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    I'm starting to get really excited about the JL truck. Really interested in seeing what the towing capacity ends up being.

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    Reno jeep has this rubicon down there along with 3 other JL’s. A sport and Saharah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brute View Post
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    When I first got my Brute, it had a 35 under the bed between the frame rails...It really wasn't a problem there, and for anyone who's owned a pickup knows, it's a common place for the spare. However, when I went up to 37's, the spare had to go into the bed...while it made changing out the spare easier, there was a slight change to the cog...but not much.
    I've been giving this some thought and now at a crossroads as to whether get a new JT pu or modify my Brute...after seeing what Dynatrac did to a brand new JL, I'm thinking of doing something similar to a JT pu with 40's...but if the wheelbase is the same as the Brute, and they don't offer a diesel, I may just change up the Brute...remove the sf rear pr60 and pr44 front and install a ff prxd 60's, regear to 5:38, remove the aev suspension and install a dtd front and king coilovers rear...move the aux fuel tank into the bed and chop 10-12" off the bed for better departure angle...remove the front & rear bumpers and go with stubbies...psc hydro assist & progrip brakes...

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