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Thread: Need yalls help on this jeep. What's it worth

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    Need yalls help on this jeep. What's it worth

    Hey guys. I use to be active here and hopefully will he again soon. Trading my mustang for a jeep cause it's the better life. Just wanted to see what y'all thought this tj was worth. Included is some pics of it. It comes with that trailer. His asking price was 20k. Most parts have Less than 10k miles on them. Also included is a pic of my old jeep if y'all remember me. Anyone know anything about all the "rusty" parts. Jeep has 100k miles. From the looks of it has been taken care of and not beaten. Appreciate it and hope to be back in the jeep life within the week. IMG_4846.JPGIMG_4863.jpgIMG_4864.jpgIMG_4865.jpgIMG_4865.jpgIMG_4867.jpgIMG_3658.JPGIMG_3531.JPGIMG_4641.jpg

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    I like the trailer and the jeep

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    I know it's a nice jeep, but $20k?!? You could buy an off-road ready jk for that! I'm in the market myself at the moment, and a jeep similar to that in my area recently sold for $12k, and it was stretched with a dana 60 and e lockers! It had 108xxx on it. Granted it didn't have the trailer but even with that included I would cap my offer on the one you're looking at around the $14k mark. Just my 2 cents tho!

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    $20k looks in the ballpark to similar Jeeps around here.

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