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Thread: Wave from SoCal

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    Oct 2015

    Wave from SoCal

    Long time lurker, first time poster thought I'd finally give a wave. Had a decently built TJ that could tackle anything but just not enough interior room so I was on the hunt for a JKU. After searching for months for a used low mileage Rubicon without stupid mods at a decent price I stumbled on a new '17 JKUR for 15% off so as of now I have a new Granite Jeep in my driveway. I overly used the Wayalife search function and created a pretty solid build plan for the new JK and have started ordering parts. I will start a separate build thread and I'm sure I will have questions along the way. Until then here are a few pics of the outgoing TJ who will definitely be missed.
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    Redondo Beach
    Welcome to the family from Redondo beach! Nice TJ. Looking forward to see where the JK goes. 🖑👍

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    Welcome. That’s a nice TJ, but you’ll really like the JKU.

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    Welcome From San Dimas!

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    SW MO
    Welcome! Look forward to the build, but sad to see the nice TJ won't be sticking around.

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    New Mexico
    Welcome from New Mexico

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    Prince Albert Saskatchewan, Canada
    Welcome to Wayalife from Saskatchewan Canada. 👋

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    Palos Hills
    Well to WAYALIFE from Chicagoland 👋

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    Welcome neighbor!! Sad to see the TJ go. If you're able to you should come out to cougar buttes in December.

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    Playa del Rey, CA
    Welcome from Playa del Rey!

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