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Thread: Wayalife videos

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    Wayalife videos

    Hey Eddie, just wanted to give my observations. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and Netflix since I don't have cable.

    As I'm watching your Wild Wild West JKX series, I was thinking how good your videos really are. You spend a lot of time on your intro, outro, credits, narration, story, and it's very well thought out and executed. The music really adds to the flow and tempo. I feel like I'm watching a real TV show, not a YouTube video. And the little things like transitions and the length of each clip is really a skill. It makes me feel like I'm there or want to be there.

    Thanks for your true dedication to your "Wayalife" and sharing it with us.

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    Hitting the "Like" button for your comments.

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    So true. I love going back and watching these things.

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    Been watching Colorado episodes"again" for the umpteenth time....none of the videos ever get old! I could watch them and will watch them over and over again!!!!

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    Agreed, Wayalife videos are awesome. Thanks Eddie and Cindy!!!

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