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Thread: Suggestions for a brake bleeder?

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    There is a company that makes something called a Speed Bleeder. It's just a bleeder valve with a check ball in it, so you can open it and pump the brakes by yourself. When you push down, fluid comes out, yet when you release the pedal, the valve closes and won't let air in. I used them when I swapped my axle and they really worked. I had a helper around just in case, but I thought they were a pretty cool product.
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    Iíve owned all sorts of bleeding contraptions over the years. Iíve since passed them all onto others. The best bleed job Iíve ever done is a plain old gravity bleed. Slow, certainly, but itís always worked great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScoobyCarolanNC View Post
    Iíve paid to have my brakes flushed twice in a year and both times it was done poorly. I might as well took up and do it myself. Any recommendations on the kit I should buy?

    Or have a helper... I just get my wife to pump the pedal while I run around and crack the valves the old fashioned way

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    When I did my lift install I purchased a vacuum bleeder. I thought it was going to be awesome. Couldn't get it to work so I went to the buddy system and it worked great.

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    As others have said just get a plastic bottle and some clear plastic tubing. Works great

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